Otter finished up his shark lapbook today. He also read a couple of books about sharks to help wrap up our couple of shark themed weeks from my “extras” study.

Great White Shark The Great White Shark: King of the Ocean

This book was easy to read with large text and full page color pictures. Afterwards we watched National Geographic’s Great White Shark for free online over at Snagfilms.

Great White Shark Ruler of the Sea The other book Otter read was Great White Shark: Ruler of the Sea.

This book is chock full of great verbs like: feast, rip, scavenge, launches, gorge, dives, hunts, twitches, struggles, protect, grazes, etc.

We had a little impromptu language arts lesson when I had Otter point some out to me.

We’re really enjoying all of the free lapbooks I’ve found online. I’m so thankful to all of the moms who share their hard work and talent with the rest of the homeschooling community. This particular lapbook is available at Homeschool Share.

Here are some pics of some of the shark lapbook elements Otter completed:

Shark cards

Shark safety

Shark lapbook

Shark tabbed book

Shark anatomy

I like how you can incorporate lots of different subjects in lapbooks: reading (information), dictation, writing, handwriting, copywork, science, history, art and even math:

Shark graph

Putting up pics of Otter’s work has really been a recent motivator in his quality of handwriting. So thank you all for looking…you are helping me out! LOL! All it takes it just a little reminder, “You know this is going up on the blog…”

Shark pop-up:

shark pop-up

3 tabbed booklet:

shark lapbook

Match-up shark cards we downloaded for free from Ellen McHenry’s website.

We finally finished reading Stowaway in our Sea & Sky program. It turns out in the end that Otter decided he liked it. I’m glad we stuck with it. Although there were parts that were tedious at times, I don’t think either one of us will soon forget Captain Cook’s first voyage around the world and the discovery of Australia.

Raiders of the SeaOur new book is Raiders of the Sea, a story about some children captured by Viking raiders. The book is written from a Christian perspective and so far Otter really loves it.

I think it should be switched out as a reader and Voyage of Ice (which is a reader) be made a read-aloud. The text and reading level of Raiders of the Sea is more appropriate, in my opinion, for the target S&S age and I haven’t found anything inappropriate in it.