Little Kids’ Anatomy Week 16

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Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
First Human Body Encyclopedia (DK First Reference) First Human Body Encyclopediap. 36-37 Taste and smellp. 60-61 Air bagsp. 62-63 Air and oxygenp. 64-65 Making soundsp. 66-67 Ah-choo!
My First Human Body BookMy First Human Body BookColor p. 12 Breathe In, Breathe OutColor p. 13 Breathing MusclesColor p. 14 Breath InColor p. 15 Breath Out
Adorable Wearables That Teach About the Human BodyAdorable Wearablesp. 49 Exercise and breathing activityp. 49 Catch your breath activity
Supplies: a paper lunch bag
Easy Make & Learn Projects: Human BodyEasy Make & Learn Projectsp. 34-36
Take a whiff (smell)  lift-the-flap mini-poster
p. 58-64
Breathe in, breathe out chest vest
Respiratory System
Respiratory System
Read this week.
What are Boogers?How Your Lungs WorkWhy Can It Be Hard to Breathe After a Fall? | Biology for KidsHow Your Nose WorksWhy Does Water Hurt My Nose?
Printables and Activities
Human Body LapbookRespiratory System Accordian BookMy Amazing Lungs Side by Side Book
Choose from the buffet:Label this colorful picture of the inside of a nose.

Label this picture of lungs.

Lung craft

Make herb and spice play dough.

4 things I can smell worksheet

BrainPOP Jr. Asthma, Lungs

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Day 5 video:

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