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The History Shelf - a timeline of historical fiction, books and movies

I absolutely love history. I'm a huge historical fiction fan and love historical movies, etc. The History Shelf is a project I've started that lists a variety of historical fiction novels, some non-fiction history books and history movies in the context of a VISUAL timeline. Now you can look up a time in history and see some great books & movies listed according to when they happened. Browse the timeline and browse the books! Click on a book to read more about it and/or purchase it from Amazon. Some history videos, movies and documentaries are linked to Amazon, YouTube and other online sources. Happy reading and watching! Feel free to borrow and post the graphic above, if you want to spread the word about The History Shelf!

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The History Shelf is a constant work in progress. I'll continue to add books and movies to it over time. If you want a book added, email me with the title and date!. Do you have a historical fiction novel or history book you've reviewed on your blog? Send me the link and I'll link it to The History Shelf. I will also link my own book reviews to books listed in the timeline.

*Please note: I am by no means a history expert. I do my best to catalogue books correctly, however, many books cover large swathes of time. I usually enter them in when they begin time-wise with some exceptions. Also, just because I list a book doesn't mean I've read it or approve of it. I try to not include "tawdry" romances, as I don't care for those. I recommend you PREVIEW anything you give to your kids (even if it's in the kid's column) as some titles, especially Y.A. (young adult) books can contain a variety of more mature content. Only you know what is OK and what is not for your family.

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I'm currently working on adding in historical fiction for adults and children.

0 to 995 A.D.

1000 to 1199 A.D.

1200 to 1299 A.D.

1300 to 1399 A.D.

1400 to 1499 A.D.

1500 to 1599 A.D.

1600 to 1699 A.D.

1700 to 1799 A.D.

1800 to 1899 A.D.

1900 to the present



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