Who We Are

The quick run-down:

We're a homeschooling family and we've been homeschooling for a looooooooooooong time! Our kids were homeschooled from kindergarten through high-school, and we finished teaching our youngest kiddo in 2016.

We are:

  • A dad - Background in criminal justice & computers
  • A mom - I love creating and illustrating educational materials with my own unique style! I am the author and illustrator of The Science of Seasons and Beowulf's Grammar books.
  • Homeschool graduate Hannah
    • Has a Psychology degree, International Studies degree, and TESL/TEFL Certificate
    • Interned in Japan teaching English to Japanese students through Osaka University of Economics and Law
    • Is fluent in reading, writing & speaking Japanese
    • Published writer
    • Teaches English to 7-11th graders at a private school in Japan
    • Married to a wonderful Japanese Christian who is going to seminary school in Japan
  • Homeschool graduate Bear
    • Is a retired Army sergeant going back to school, married to a sweet Southern girl, with an adorable son - has a degree in collision repair and refinishing (with honors)
  • Otter, our last homeschool graduate
    • was a Police Explorer
    • was a CHP Explorer
    • Eagle Scout
  • Various assorted critters such as our dog and maybe a stray praying mantis or pet bug on occasion

No, our kids really don't have names like Bear and Otter...those are their Internet names!

You can email us at the following email address:


It helps to keep things from getting accidentally deleted if you put GuestHollow in the subject line. :-)

**If you send me an email and you don't get a reply in 2-4 days, please resend it, as sometimes emails get accidentally overlooked while spam is being deleted. Sometimes we also are busy with a project or sick, etc. If you need something in a hurry, email me again. **

Send us your submissions, questions, info, etc. We want to hear from you!

Question: Will you review my product?

Answer: Email me and we'll see! I love writing reviews! Our review policy is as follows: Anyone who sends me an item to review agrees to indemnify and hold me/us harmless for anything I may post about it.

Question: So why do a lot of your worksheets and printables says "OurLosBanos" or "MemorablePlaces" on them?

Answer: Our homeschool materials used to be located on another website we run (OurLosBanos.com). MemorablePlaces is a hobby business of ours. When I moved everything over to Guest Hollow, there was no way I wanted to redo the hundreds of printables to reflect the new domain name. So, that's why they still have the old website name on them.

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