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Language Arts

Beowulf's Grammar

  • Beowulf's Grammar - FINALLY! Here's a grammar program that's actually fun! Comics, colorful illustrations, hands-on activities, gentle review, memorable characters, and a combination of approaches help students not only retain what they are learning, but to actually enjoy grammar!


Homeschool language arts


  • Guest Hollow Language Arts - Teach multiple ages and engage both reluctant and enthusiastic learners through a variety of terrific and flexible resources!



Chemistry Curriculum


  • High School Chemistry in the Kitchen - This is NOT a traditional, boring chemistry course. Most chemistry curriculums are comprised of thick, boring textbooks that require a firm grounding in algebra and feature labs with chemicals that can strike fear in a homeschool parent's heart. Our chemistry curriculum is like nothing out there in the homeschool market (that I know of)! You don't need to know any higher level math to do it. You don't have to purchase a $250 lab kit with chemicals galore and test tubes. This is a PRACTICAL chemistry course for those of you who have students who hate math, hate science, and are in tears thinking of that scary chemistry textbook they are supposed to choke down. This is also the perfect science curriculum for those students who LOVE science and want to learn some down-to-earth science they will use and enjoy knowing throughout their lives.


Homeschool Physics Curriculum


  • High School Conceptual Physics - This math-free conceptual physics course will help your students to better understand the world around them, as well as the famous people and discoveries in this fascinating field of study!


Homeschool Biology Curriculum


  • Guest Hollow's Biology Curriculum- This FREE high school biology program comes with a free, beautiful textbook that features a Christian, creationist perspective, a free lab book, a free workbook correlated to the text, free videos, and lots of great extras. Don't be fooled by the fact this curriculum is free. This is a high-quality curriculum that can compete with (and in many opinions beat!) popular homeschool biology programs!


Seasons Science Curriculum


  • The Science of Seasons Curriculum- Join Abigail, Henry, Grace, and their lively Fox Terrier, Beowulf, as they learn about the seasons and many other science topics!

NOTE: You do NOT need to use the Science of Seasons storybook and Science of Seasons Activities book in a curriculum. You can just purchase them and read them for fun!


botany homeschool curriculum


  • Guest Hollow's Botany - A flexible botany curriculum with great books, nature journaling, recipes and more for middle school to high school.

Anatomy & Physiology Curriculum for Homeschool


Anatomy curriculum human body study

  • Guest Hollow's Jr. Anatomy Curriculum - This engaging human body study tracks with the high school level, for multiple age teaching. It's engaging, interesting, fun, and meaty enough to be a core curriculum!


Human body curriculum



Knowledge of Nature Chemistry and Physics Curriculum


  • Knowledge of Nature Curriculum: In this full, literature based curriculum, your child will learn about chemistry, physics, animals, scientists, some history, art, and even ice cream!

Geography Curriculum

geography curriculum


homeschool geography curriculum

  • Guest Hollow's High School Geography & Cultures Curriculum - This is NOT a typical, boring high school geography program. Students will not only learn about the countries of the world, they will learn about cultures and places, cook up some terrific recipes, watch tons of interesting videos, and more! You do NOT want to miss this one!!



Homeschool American History Curriculum

FREE Archived Curricula and Other Stuff

Click here to see our FREE archived programs. These are things that were created before Guest Hollow became a business for my own children. They aren't kept up-to-date, but they are still useable!







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