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Welcome to our American History Year One Curriculum! This page will direct you to the online components of our free history curriculum or you can scroll down to the bottom of the page for access to our printable documents.

If you have not read our introduction, please do. Want to see my other history program that combines American history with world history? Click here.

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Books and Materials Scheduled List
This is a list of ALL the materials (books, workbooks, media, etc.) used for the entire history curriculum schedule except for websites or online materials which are listed separately in each topic section. Each material has a review, lists which topics it's used in (some materials are used through multiple topics) and has icons to designate special instructions. There are also pictures to give you an idea of what the book is like as well as convenient links to

Books and Materials Week-by-Week"Overview" List
This one page "bare-bones" list of all our books and materials with notation on which week each begins and ends for our daily schedule users.

Book Notes & Study Guides
This is where you will find notes that go with the specific titles and /or movies and other materials used in our study. Notes have items like vocabulary words, comprehension and discussion questions, and much more that help to help make reading a book more meaningful.

Daily Schedule
If you are a "box checker" you'll want to take a look at our daily schedule. The schedule lays it all out for you as to what to do and read for each day, but still remains flexible so you are not roped into our choices.

Topics List:
Choosing a topic from the list will take you to its own specific lesson plan that includes map work, crafts, cooking, science and many other activities. Topics range a variety of early American subjects from Native Americans to the Transcontinental Railroad. I recommend looking at both the daily schedule and the topics guide to see which best fits your teaching style.

Every study of history should have a timeline to see the flow of people and events! Our timeline page will give you some of the materials and instructions to create your own timeline.

Here you will find a listing and descriptions of all printables created to go with American History Year One. *This section is a work-in-progress. Please note too that many free worksheets (off site) are linked via the various topic pages.

I need to update the curriculum to say "Guesthollow" instead of and Memorable Places. Ah well, one of these days!

If you'd like to download our American history curriculum please visit our PDF page or our Microsoft Word page (for a customizable document you can tweak and change to your heart's content).




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