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Welcome to our Memorable Places American History Curriculum Microsoft Word download page!

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American History Curriculum

I need to update the curriculum to say "Guesthollow" instead of and Memorable Places. Ah well, one of these days!

Our Word document makes it easy for you to print our history curriculum out and place it into a 3 ring binder. It does NOT contain all of the pictures, helps and extras our online curriculum has in order to conserve bandwidth. It does, however, have a full 34 week day-by-day schedule with all the necessary notes, links and more to help you have a successful and memory filled year.

Because it's a Word document, you can EDIT it, tweak it, change it and customize it for your family. You aren't stuck with my choices, my scheduling, or my ideas. Use the document as a framework for your own year, or just make a few substitutions and/or changes. Highlight it, move things around, add to it! It's up to you!

Our schedule is designed to be a 2 page spread for each week. You may want to consider hole punching the first page of a week on the right side and the second page of a week on the left side. That way, when you open up your schedule, you will be able to see each week with all of its notes at a glance. Websites are linked and can be clicked while online, but are not in a text format. I recommend you visiting the sites for worksheets and printables you are interested in ahead of time so you can print them out and put them into your binder to be accessed easily.

You may also want to make a folder of bookmarks in your browser for linked online activities. My recommendation would be to make a folder titled "American History" and then within the folder put separate folders for each week ("week 1", "week 2" and so on). Please make sure you preview each link since the Internet has a way of changing overnight at times!

Also - our book notes and other materials and resources that are part of this study can only be accessed online. Please visit our main online history page to see the extra resources we have available. We may add new resources we come across or fix and update existing materials and links on our website before we update our PDF and Word documents. If we update our Word document, we will make a note of it at the top of this page.

If you would like our 82 page, printable Word document, please click here to open it. You can also right click on the link and select "save as" to save it to your hard drive.

You will need the free program: Adobe Acrobat Reader to view our American History Curriculum PDF.

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