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World History Spine/Lesson books that span multi-time periods

& world history notes

Christian Add-ons Freebies & English rulers

American History Spine/Lesson books that span multi-time periods

& American history notes

Science, scientists, inventions, discoveries Artist and Composer Studies (with optional art activities) Videos (Netflix, YouTube, Google video, library, Discovery Streaming, etc. with an emphasis on Netflix)
 If a link is dead, you might want to do a Google video search for it.
Printables and Activities (Crafts, recipes, etc.) that are not a part of the art/music study Websites / Online stuff (except for videos which are listed in the videos column)

Our Little Celtic Cousin of Long Ago (Illustrated Edition)
Otter’s rating 5 stars

Free Online
 by Evaleen Stein
"The story of Ferdiad, a boy of Ireland, in the time of High King Brian Boru, when the Danes were pillaging the Irish countryside. How his foster-father Angus becomes poet to the High King and how Ferdiad himself recovers a lost treasure. Gives a glimpse into the customs and social life of the Celts, with special emphasis on their artistic achievements, including the Book of Kells and the stories of Cuculain." quote from The Baldwin Project
*There are mentions of fairies and askin
g fairies for help

Saving the Buffalo
Saving The Buffalo Library
*An option to read after reading about the Plains Indians
Otter’s rating 5 stars

This book covers a large swath of time up through modern times. However, it worked out for us to read it here, since we covered the plains Indians in History of US. I was surprised that Otter liked it as much as he did. It's gory in a few places and does talk about killing animals.

Mystery of HistoryLesson 52      

A History of Us

HUS Book 1 Chapter 9 Plains Indians (This chapter goes from 1000 to the 16th century to the 18th and on.)


HUS Book 1 Chapter 13 Let’s Turn North (Leif Eriksson)

Globe Trekker

Globe Trekker Iceland and Greenland
Otter’s rating 5 stars
Amazon streaming
*Alcohol consumption, hunting/killing/butchering a reindeer shown

Interactive 3-D Maps
Interactive 3-D Maps: American History
p. 10 Vikings Discover America
Otter’s rating 3 stars
I scheduled this book in all the way through the 1960's. It's optional. I think it's nice, even for older students, to help retain events.

FREE Plains Indians lapbook Some of the lapbook elements won't work for this time period, but you might want to do a few to reinforce what was learned about the plains Indians, if you read from History of Us.

Map Trek
Map Trek US Edition 1
Map assignment: Viking Expansion


A History of UsHUS Book 1 Chapter 10 Mound for Mound (Mound builders)

        Cahokia mound

House of Denmark

Sweyn Forkbeard

25 December

House of Wessex restored

Æthelred the Unready

1014–1016 (2nd reign)


Edmund Ironside

24 April –
30 November 1016

House of Denmark restored


30 November
      HORRIBLE HISTORIES - Stupid Deaths: Edmund II Otter’s rating 5 stars    

Young Folk's History of EnglandChapter 5
The Danish Conquest 958-1035


The Picture History of Great Inventors

Medieval Inventions

1035         Harold Harefoot

13 November

Macbeth and all ThatMacbeth and All That
Macbeth: The Graphic Novel library

Otter’s rating 5 stars

Mystery of HistoryLesson 53

Lesson 54

The Story of the WorldChapter 18 part 4 El Cid

AB: p. 105

18 June

El Cid video

BBC Animated Tales: Macbeth
Otter’s rating 4 stars
*Minor cursing, nudity on a male child, violence, witches
The animation is kind of cheesy, but you get a good idea of Shakespeare's version of the story in a small amount of time. Otter didn't like it at first, but by the end he did.

El Cid paper knights
Page that explains how to make your knights stand up after printing and cutting
If you bother to make the knights, you might want to "play-act" and have them change loyalties from the Spaniards to the Muslims and back again.

Map showing Castile, Leon, Aragon, Portugal, Navarre, etc.

House of Wessex restored (2nd time)

Edward the Confessor

9 June


The Story of the WorldChapter 4 The Byzantine Empire (Part 3)
The Church in the East-  for 1054 –The Great Eastern Schism

Monks and Mysticsp. 95-97 A Divided Church: The Great Schism of 1054              

Our Little Norman Cousin
Our Little Norman Cousin of Long Ago (Illustrated Edition
Otter’s rating 5 stars
Free Online

A story of Normandy in the time of William the Conqueror

Mystery of HistoryLesson 55

The Story of the WorldChapter 15 part 3 The Battle of Hastings

AB: p. 88
Map work


Harold Godwinson

6 January–14 October 1066

Edgar the Atheling

15 October–17 December 1066.
Proclaimed, but never crowned.


The Normans 1066-1154

King William I, The Conqueror 1066-1087


MonarchyMonarchy Episode 3: Conquest
Netflix streaming
Otter’s rating 3 stars
He would have rated it lower if he wasn't related to the featured people.

For Chapter 5 of Our Little Norman Cousin:
Falconry a brief introduction
Otter’s rating 5 stars
*there is a mention of how falconers were supposed to be chaste and why
Proper falconry
Otter’s rating 5 stars

Battle of Hastings printables (choose any)

Norman paper soldiers (Scroll down)

SOTW copywork

Battle of Hastings lapbook element

Map Trek
Map Trek Medieval World
Map assignment: Norman Conquests

Domesday Book
Otter’s rating 5 stars for the game
 (Reading material, a game, etc.)

Bayeux Tapestry interactive historical tale construction (nice!)
Otter’s rating 4 stars


3-D panorama of the battlefield
Otter’s rating 5 stars

The Battle of Hastings game
Otter’s rating 5 stars

You Are There Radio Program: The Battle of Hastings
Otter’s rating 2 stars


Medieval Feast
A Medieval Feast
840 L - Picture book (very simple)
Otter’s rating 5 stars


The Story of the WorldChapter 16 England after the Conquest
(Language, Serfs and Noblemen, Stone castles)

AB: p. 94
Map work

Coloring page

Cooking: Crispy Rice Castle
Marshmallows, crispy rice cereal, butter

        ACHOA: Architecture Chapter 13: Castles

The Supersizers Eat Medieval
*7-8 min in, some crude humor is used (skip) - there are some other subtle crude moments here and there (skip the entire part 3 -day 3 in the video- which mentions s*x, etc.)
Part 5 shows alcohol being made/consumed in the beginning
Otter's rating (for what he was allowed to watch): 5 stars

Castle (Hosted by David Macaulay)
Netflix (Also on Discovery Streaming)
Otter's rating: 5 stars


Middle Ages

Hungry Knight Diner printable

The Banqueting Hall coloring page

Medieval kitchen coloring page

Castle kitchen model
Otter’s rating 4 stars


DuneCraft Windowsill Greenhouses - Medieval Herber
After reading the Medieval Feast book, grow some medieval herbs.
Option: use your own herb seeds/plants: rosemary, parsley, basil, thyme, chives, fennel, dill, marjoram, coriander, sage, chives

Otter's rating: 5 stars(we grew our own)

SOTW copywork
Feudalism lapbook element

Feudalism pyramid foldable
Life of a serf (front) lapbook element
Life of a serf (back)
Nobles (1) lapbook element
Nobles (2)

1075   Mystery of HistoryLesson 56                 Horrible Histories Audio : Measly Middle Ages : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Young Folk's History of EnglandChapter 8

William II., Rufus

1095   Mystery of HistoryLesson 57

The Story of the WorldChapter 18 The Age of Crusades part 1 and 2

AB: p. 77

Monks and Mysticsp. 119-121 What were the crusades?       ACHOA: Architecture Chapter 17: Here and There (Cologne Cathedral 1248-1880, St. Mark’s Basilica 1094-1617)

Moments in Time: The Crusades (Discovery Streaming)
Otter’s rating 5 stars


The Crusades: Crescent and the Cross
Map Trek
Map Trek Medieval World
Map assignment: The 1st, 3rd and 4th Crusades

The Crusades interactive map
Otter’s rating 3 stars


A Single ShardA Single Shard (downloadable audio book at my library)
Otter’s rating 5 stars
1100 Korea
920 L

Anna of Byzantium
Anna of Byzantium Library


Trial and TriumphAnselm 1033-1109

Monks and Mystics

p. 99-117 Anselm of Canterbury 1100 England

King Henry I 1100-1135

Young Folk's History of England

Chapter 9
Henry I, Beau-Clerc


ACHOA: Architecture Chapter 12: Round Arches

ACHOA: Architecture Chapter 14: Pointing Towards Heaven – Gothic Churches

Nova: Physics of stone arches activity
Otter’s rating 5 stars


The following selection is a very "easy". You may want to choose a harder selection from your library or another source.

Knights Handbook

Usborne Official Knight's Handbook
Otter’s rating 5 stars



The Story of the WorldChapter 17 part 1 The English code of chivalry

AB: p. 99

Medieval LivesMedieval Lives: The Knight
Amazon Streaming

Horrible Histories - I'm a Knight

Design a coat of arms
Otter’s rating 5 stars


Knight at tournament coloring page

Heraldry Game
Otter’s rating 5 stars

FREE Notebooking2Learn Heraldry printables (Have at home) I used this website to help me with learning about heraldry (and also Wikipedia):
Otter’s rating 5 stars - we only did one page of shields


Knights and castles lapbook (fairly easy, but there might be a few good items for older kids)

Knight booklet

Knight’s armor worksheet


Knights lapbook element

Knights lapbook element (with writing)

Label a knights armor

Pillars of the EarthThe Pillars of the Earth
This books spans the approx. time of 1120-1170
For ME, not for kids

*s*x and violence


Pillars of the Earth mini-series

The Pillars of the Earth
Not for kids – violence, nudity, s*x
Amazon Streaming for part 1
Amazon Streaming for part 2

Also at Netflix
1125   Mystery of HistoryLesson 58                  

When Christ and His Saints SleptWhen Christ and His Saints Slept: A Novel for ME
(not for kids)


Young Folk's History of EnglandChapter 10

Stephen 1135-1154



1141         Empress Matilda (Maude) 1141            

Trial and TriumphBernard of Clairvaux 1090-1153

Monks and Mystics

p. 123-139 Bernard of Clairvaux 1144 -Edessa, now Urfa in modern-day Turkey

1150                   Map Trek
Map Trek Medieval World
Map assignment: Europe in the 12th Century

Time and ChanceTime and Chance: A Novel  (Sequel to When Christ and His Saints Slept)
For ME, not for kids

A Proud Taste of Scarlet and Miniver
A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver
Otter’s rating 5 stars

This book has what I consider an inaccurate view of heaven (sitting around on clouds, etc.). It also has some of the characters coming up from Purgatory, etc. You might want to take these things into account if they don't fit your beliefs...or you can describe those parts as fiction, while the "on earth" parts are based on events that really happened. Eleanor is a really important figure in medieval Europe and this book covers the main events of her life. This book is also very helpful for understanding her sons and why things turned out the way they did.
*There is a mention of Henry's adultery later in life, but no details.
Mystery of HistoryLesson 59    

The Angevins (The First Plantagenet Kings) 1154-1216

King Henry II 1154-1189

Chapter 11 Henry II, Fitz-Empress


MonarchyMonarchy Episode 4: Dynasty
Netflix streaming

The Lion in Winter
The Lion in Winter (Amazon Streaming)


Plantagenet paper dolls
Make Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine for your history notebook

Look up and explore Aquitaine in Google Earth (make sure you have borders turned on)

Map showing Aquitaine

For p. 39 of A Proud Taste of Scarlet & Miniver:

The real crystal vase described in the book

Medieval JobsArchers, Alchemists, and 98 Other Medieval Jobs You Might Have Loved or Loathed (Jobs in History)
Otter’s rating 5 stars
*Note: This book has slightly prejudiced "feel" against Christians in some places. It also has what seems to be a slightly liberal bias. After awhile it also kind of gets old and drags on. It does have fun illustrations. I didn't like it, but Otter did.

Google Preview
Mystery of HistoryLesson 60

The Story of the WorldChapter 20 The Diaspora

AB: 114
Map work

          Channel 5 series: Kings and Queens: King Henry II

SOTW lapbook element

SOTW copywork

The Travels of Benjamin of TudelaThe Travels of Benjamin of Tudela Through Three Continents in the Twelfth Century
Otter’s rating 5 stars

920 L (library)

The Red KeepThe Red Keep: A Story of Burgundy in 1165  Have at home
Otter’s rating 0 stars

0 stars


If All The Swords of EnglandIf All the Swords in England: A Story of Thomas Becket (Living History Library)
Have at home
Otter’s rating 5 stars
This book had a slow start, but it's worthwhile if you want to understand the disagreement between Thomas Becket and King Henry II (as well as the greater issue of the time- which was whether the king or the church had power over specific things). There is a fairly graphic (but accurately portrayed) murder at the end (you may want to preview p.173). You may want to discuss the concept about someone being willing to die for what he believes is right. Also, this book has a lot of vocabulary having to do with Catholic traditions. You may need to be on hand to explain those to a child unfamiliar with them.

      Henry the Young King
(Henri le Jeune Roy)
(co-ruler with his father)
14 June

Draw a castle video

Becket (preview)
Amazon Instant Video

Kings and Queens
Kings & Queens: Henry II
Otter’s rating 5 stars


Cathedral: Murder at Canterbury
Otter’s rating 4 stars
We watched the 1st 30 min, which are about Becket.

Time Warp Trio: You Can’t but Genghis Khan 1170
(Discovery Streaming or Youtube)

(or view later when studying the Khans in the 1200's)

Gatehouse model

Parts of a castle lapbook element

Castle lapbook element

The Hidden Treasure of GlastonThe Hidden Treasure of Glaston library
Google preview

*The character's father is one of the men who murdered Thomas Becket

Medieval Lives
Medieval Lives: The Outlaw
Amazon Streaming


Devil's BroodDevil's Brood
For ME, not for kids (Book 3 of the Sharon Kay Penman series)

1175 Medieval VillageGood Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village library                    

HHere Be Dragonsere Be Dragons
This books spans the years 1183-1232

For ME, not for kids

King Richard I the Lionheart 1189-1199

Young Folk's History of EnglandChapter 12 Richard I, Lion-Heart


Kingdom of HeavenKingdom of Heaven (set in 1184) Rated R


Medieval LivesMedieval Lives: The King
Amazon Streaming
*There is a mention of concubines


Choose any Robin Hood book

Robin Hood
Robin Hood (library)

Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Audio book from the library

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
Ebook from Project Gutenberg

Audio recording from LibriVox
Mystery of HistoryLesson 62

The Story of the WorldChapter 19 part 3 Robin Hood

AB: p. 110


Robin HoodDisney's Robin Hood
Otter’s rating 5 stars


Robin Hood Prince of Theives
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (preview – Netflix Streaming)
Amazon Instant Video

Robin Hood Season 1
Robin Hood Season 1 (Netflix Streaming) Some minor scenes to skip (hand on rear, kissing) and violence
Amazon Instant Video

Robin and Marian
Robin and Marian (Netflix Streaming)
Amazon Streaming

History's Mysteries

History’s Mysteries: The True Story of Robin Hood

Robin Hood Unit


Our Little Crusader CousinOur Little Crusader Cousin of Long Ago (Illustrated Edition)
Otter’s rating 5 stars
Free Online
by Evaleen Stein
"The story of Hugh, page to King Richard the Lion-Hearted of England, and Raymond, page to Count William of France, and their adventures in Palestine during the third crusade. Through their eyes we see how, even with all their quarrels and failures, the men of the third crusade left a lasting record of gallant and heroic deeds." quote from The Baldwin Project

Saladin: Noble Prince of Islam
990L (library)

Richard the Lionheart

Richard the Lionheart: The Life of a King and Crusader (Graphic Nonfiction)
Mystery of HistoryLesson 61

The Story of the WorldChapter 19 part 1 Richard the Lionhearted

AB: p. 81

Chapter 18 Part 3 Saladin of Jerusalem

AB: p. 105


Crusade: A March Through Time (Netflix Streaming)

Saladin documentary

HORRIBLE HISTORIES - Historical Hospitals: Medieval doctor

Otter’s rating 5 stars

SOTW copywork We glued the coloring page of King Richard from the SOTW activity book onto the back of lined paper on which he wrote the sentences from the above copywork page.
Otter’s rating 5 stars

RAZ level T Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp

SOTW copywork
Crusades lapbook element
Otter’s rating 3 stars

Siege Tower
Siege Tower Kit
Make this kit and act out some battles with Playmobil
Otter’s rating 5 stars
This thing is a pain to put together, but turns out really nice at the end.

Click here to see the one Otter made!

Catapult Kit

Crusade lapbook element


Sword of the SamuraiSword of the Samurai: Adventure Stories from Japan
Otter’s rating 5 star

Fun stories -many with a moral *Violence and ritual suicide mentioned
Mystery of HistoryLesson 63

The Story of the WorldChapter 9 East of China (Japan, etc.)

Chapter 17 part 2 The  Samurai

AB: p. 99

SamuraiNova: Secrets of the Samurai Sword
Otter’s rating 5 stars

National Geographic - Samurai Sword
Otter’s rating 5 stars

FREE Medieval Japan lapbook

Map Trek
Map Trek Medieval World
Map assignment: Japan

Kimono Maker

IvanhoeIvanhoe (high school) -optional

Free for Kindle

IvanhoeIvanhoe (Set in 1194) -1982 version


Amazon Instant Video

King John 1199-1216

Young Folk's History of EnglandChapter 13 John Lackland 1199-1216

The Story of LibertyChapter 1 John Lackland and the Barons


Kings and Queens: King John


King John


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