American History Curriculum

Book Notes

Click on the title of a book to go to its page of "book notes". These notes have thoughts, ideas, discussion questions, vocabulary, related websites, Bible verses, character "instruction" and more. Book notes can easily be used with smaller "independent" assignments outside of our American history curriculum. Just pick the title of the book you are reading and use our notes as a helpful study guide.

This page of book notes is a "work-in-progress". We may add to it in the future, if time permits.

If you'd like to contribute study items for any of the titles in our American History Year One, please contact us!


Book Notes are listed in alphabetical order.



1492 The Year of the New World By Piero Ventura

Night Bird: A Story of the Seminole Indians 

The Birchbark House

Tikta'Liktak An Eskimo Legend





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