American History Projects

Take a look at some of the FUN things accomplished during the year with our American history curriculum! This section is a work-in-progress as we are still going through the curriculum ourselves. Check back and see what else we've done!

I believe that for many children, hands-on activities, notebooking and projects are one of the best ways to cement learning. We've designed our curriculum to include plenty of (optional!) activities for you to choose from. Your son won't just read about the plains Indians, he will get to PLAY with the paper model and people he made. Your daughter won't just listen about how the Ojibwa gathered wild rice, she'll get to EAT some with dinner!

Your child will put together a wonderful notebook and portfolio / scrapbook of materials too look back on and remember the interesting people and places he studied throughout the year. What a great way to review and actually see what was worked on. We won't be including "personal" pictures, but encourage you to take some of your son or daughter engaged in the various activities for his or her notebook. It will be something you both can treasure years later.

Click on any picture to see it larger.

History Pockets Tlinget Indian model Plains Indian model

Seminole Indians Iroquois Indians Plains Indians

Navajo Indians Nez Perce Indians Northwest Indians

The Inuit Sugar Cube Igloo Another Sugar Cube Igloo




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