American History Year 1 Topics

I have listed all 28 topics for our American history curriculum below. Click on one to go to a page that lists all of the activities like map work, reading, notebooking, science, songs, crafts and more for each subject.

Topics are NOT "weeks". In other words, it could take you two days to do a topic, or an entire month. That is up to you! There are 28 topics so if you are in a traditional 36-week schedule, you have the "breathing room" of 8 weeks. We learn all year round though, so for us it doesn't matter. We'll just get through it as we get through it!

Some of the topics have LOTS of books scheduled (like the Revolution). You don't need to read all of them! If you do, you could easily stretch this curriculum into a two year study. If you pick only one or two of your favorites per topic, you'll have plenty to learn and teach, while leaving plenty of room for the basics.

Each topic is also easily converted into a shorter unit study. Leave out the workbooks or materials that stretch over several topics and only use the items that are topic specific.

A good topic for a unit study would be Topic 13 (the Pilgrims). Or you could take topics 1-7 and have an entire Native Americans unit study. Take a look at the topic titles and see if you'd like to just use a few instead of the whole shebang!

I'd also like to suggest that you should feel free to use these materials as "homeschool gravy" to supplement any other curriculum covering American history. Take a look at the worksheets, printables, urls, maps and activities I've scheduled to pick and choose specific things. The topic titles should help you narrow down your search.

If you'd like to take a look at the book and materials lists for each topic please click here.

We also have a complete daily schedule to help those of you who would like to have more structure and guidance.


Topic 1 Native Americans: Seminoles

Topic 2 Native Americans: Northeast Indians

Topic 3 Native Americans: Great Plains Indians

Topic 4 Native Americans: Southwest Indians

Topic 5 Native Americans: Nez Perce

Topic 6 Native Americans: Northwest Coast Indians

Topic 7 Native Americans: Inuit

Topic 8 Discovery and Leif Erickson

Topic 9 Discovery and Columbus

Topic 10 Incas, Mayans and Aztecs; Cortes and Pizzarro

Topic 11 Discovery and Exploration

Topic 12 English in America: Pocahontas, Jamestown

Topic 13 Pilgrims

Topic 14 Colonies and Benjamin Franklin

Topic 15 French and Indian War

Topic 16 George Washington and More About the Colonies

Topic 17 The Revolutionary War

Topic 18 The Constitution and a New Government

Topic 19 A First President, a New Country and Johnny Appleseed

Topic 20 Lewis and Clark

Topic 21 Monroe Doctrine and the War of 1812

Topic 22 Andrew Jackson; The Trail of Tears

Topic 23 Inventions and Changes

Topic 24 The Alamo

Topic 25 The Gold Rush and Pioneers

Topic 26 Pioneers and Moving West

Topic 27 Abraham Lincoln, Slavery, The Civil War (but not in depth yet)

Topic 28 The Transcontinental Railroad, George Washington Carver

End of Year One!




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