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Homeschool American History Curriculum

Welcome to Guest Hollow's High School American History Curriculum Year Two!

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American history is an important subject, especially for high schoolers. We've designed an engaging 2-year program that schedules in some terrific resources designed to get students enthusiastic about history! Our program is also built to help students not only understand what they are learning, but to also retain the material. Join the Guest Hollow family, and see why both parents and students LOVE our curricula! Please scroll down for information about the program.

Materials and resources

I've scheduled in a variety of colorful books and resources to make American history come to life!

American History curriculum books

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Question: What grade is this history curriculum for?

Answer: This history curriculum is for grades 9-12. The printable schedule also contains instructions on how to use this curriculum with a middle schooler and includes a list of book substitutions.

Question: Aren't some of the books too easy for high schoolers?

Answer: The spine text A Patriot's History of the United States is a book that is used in some colleges. It is NOT a lower-level book. Using just the spine book, the scheduled videos, and the linked activities covers quite a bit of history. The scheduled books are "frosting on the cake" that help bring topics alive in a way that is engaging and memorable. I do schedule in quite a few graphic novels and some easier fare (amidst some more difficult titles written for adults), but my goal is to get students to not only learn history, but to RETAIN it and LOVE it. I do this using a mix of materials that even adults could learn from. Information is information. It doesn't have to by dry and difficult to get through in order to be valuable (in my opinion). When I was homeschooling, I always used what I believed to be the BEST vehicles for teaching information, no matter what the "level" of those materials. The feedback I've received about this program has been amazing. Students who used to think history was dry and boring have remarked how much they love it after using Guest Hollow's American History Year 1!

Question: Aren't some of the books too hard for high schoolers?

Answer: I combed AP U.S. History reading lists when researching books for this program. Most high schoolers should be able to handle the reading. There is plenty of "easier fare" to balance things out.

Question: What does this curriculum cover?

Answer: This history curriculum covers the years from about 1900 through part of the 2000's. I split American history into two years to allow students enough time to really process and understand the topics instead of just skimming over them. Click here to access American History Year 1! It's my belief that one year isn't an adequate amount of study time for hundreds of years of history! Our curriculum doesn't crush everything into just one year, and it doesn't skimp on important issues!

In this program, AMERICAN history is covered. World history is touched on briefly in a few places, but what happened in North America is the focus. I will cover world history in a future curriculum.

Question: Is this curriculum Christian or secular?

Answer: I'm a Christian, but this curriculum is secular.

Question: I have a reluctant reader. How can we accomplish the reading assignments?

Answer: You can get the main text A Patriot's History of the United States in an audio book format. Many of the other books are also available in audio format. I've also scheduled in lots of engaging graphic novels & comics, which should be much easier (and fun) for students to read. Reluctant readers will also appreciate that many of the videos I schedule in cover the topics from the main text and other books (to help build comprehension and retention).

Question: If I buy all of those books, I'll spend a fortune! How can I afford this?

Answer: Check out our article on how to use a literature-based curriculum without breaking the bank!

Question: Why is your curriculum so different from most history curricula with all of those books and videos instead of just a textbook?

Answer: When I design curricula, I design it to be something *I* would love to learn and base my choices off of 20+ years of teaching my own children! Most kids don't retain a lot of what they learn solely from textbooks. Why? Because textbooks are often boring and kids can't relate what they are learning to real life. I've scoured through hundreds of books to find interesting stories and entertaining resources that bring learning to life and help students better understand American history. History is such an important subject! I want students to really comprehend and remember what they are learning!

Question: How do I assign grades?

Answer: Click here for a suggestion on how to assign grades.

I do NOT make any guarantees about this curriculum. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. 

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