Homeschool Printables

Homeschool printables

I love homeschool printables. Over the course of homeschooling my own children, I've created different things to use with them that I'm sharing with you here. Click on the categories to see what all we have available.

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Drawing lessons, crafts, and other art related printables (artists, etc.)

Bible printables to help encourage your children to work on good behavior, maintain purity and memorize God's word...

Charts and Schedules

CHP Police Explorer Practice Pages - Handwriting sheets in all caps, code memorization practice (10-codes, penal codes, vehicle codes, radio codes, etc.)

Copywork and Dictation
Bible verses, quotes, selections from books, spelling practice, letters and more for copywork and dictation or handwriting practice.

History Printables and Worksheets
Our history page has some history printables!

Language Arts Printables
We have several worksheets / printables for you.

Lapbooks help make learning stick!

Math Printables
There is a lesson and some printables / manipulatives posted.

Notebooking and Lapbook Printables
We have "decorated" story papers, lined handwriting paper, history and geography notebooking printables and more. We've also just added some new printables that are perfect for lapbooks.

Science Printables
Download various science printables like lab sheets, picture cards, experiments, a nutrition lapbook and more.

Timeline Printables
Get timeline pages from 4100 B.C. up through modern times, notebook cover inserts and a notebook spine insert.

Extras - These printables don't have a "home page" yet, but will in the future:

Latin Help Sheet for Lively Latin Big Book 1 PDF DOC (Posted with permission from Catherine Drown, author of Lively Latin.)

Purity Book Title List Use this list next time you go to the library or the Christian book store to choose books teaching purity. You don't want to miss the opportunity to go over this important issue with your pre-teen and teen!





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