CHP Explorer Practice Pages

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Otter is in Police & CHP Explorers and is required to write everything in capital letters while doing things like taking tests, filling out practice tickets, etc. His instructors require good penmanship, so I've made him some practice pages for a bit of handwriting brush-up and also so he can practice getting used to writing in all caps. I've also created pages to help him memorize the codes for his test, etc.

NOTE: You should double-check all of the codes in the printables below yourself and make sure they are correct. I don't guarantee their accuracy. Also, codes used here in CA may not be the same as codes used elsewhere.

All of the handwriting practice pages below feature a Handwriting without Tears style font I purchased from Educational Fontware.


CHP codes for memorization

CHP code practice:

Memorize the terms and definitions by writing them in. Print out both sets so you can check the answers. Otter is also using these packets to practice SPELLING all of the definitions correctly.

CHP Explorer terms packet 1 - These sheets have the codes. You write the definitions in all caps.

CHP Explorer terms packet 2 - These sheets have the definitions. You write in the codes.

Here is a set of online flashcards I found (that someone else made) that are also useful for practice. Warning: there are a few misspellings!

Handwriting practice sheets

Handwriting without Tears style handwriting practice:

All caps: A B C D E F G H - This page has a top line of large letters that review proper letter stroke order. Below are hollow practice letters to TRACE. Tracing letters helps get rid of bad and lazy handwriting habits. wink

Handwriting without Tears handwriting practice sheet

All caps: I J K L M N O P

This page has the same format as the page above.

Handwriting without Tears practice All caps: Q R S T U V W X
CHP 10 code practice

6 page packet of CHP code practice - Each line has traceable letters in all caps. Down below each line is a blank line to write the codes again without tracing. Codes are from this page.


Not in all caps



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