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All printables in this section require free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Some of the printables below are FREE, and others can be purchased in our store.

You may also want to check out our notebooking page or our copy work, dictation and handwriting page for more language arts and other printables, (especially handwriting and story papers).

8 parts of speech printable

8 Parts of Speech Help & Reference Poster(s)

This color-coded help and reference sheet features the 8 parts of speech. It’s the perfect printable to slip into a language arts notebook, so students can refer to it again and again! You can also put it up on the wall.

The following grammar terms are presented:

pronouns (subject and object pronouns)
verbs (action and linking)

There are all kinds of hints, examples, and helps packed on this sheet in a way that makes the information easy to find.

The graphics aren’t babyish, so even older students can use it.

I created this parts of speech printable for my kids, and it was a huge help!

A vs. An Worksheet

FREE A or an Worksheet
This 2 page worksheet helps teach when it's appropriate to use a or an. Teaching instructions are written to the child and coloring is integrated into the lesson to help make things more fun and memorable

Comics printable

Creating Comics Worksheets / Printables

This 7 page creative writing packet teaches students about dialogue and also features some “make your own comic” templates, cut-outs, and a fully illustrated comic kids can fill in themselves.

Creating comics is a great way to encourage creative writing (with a bit of optional grammar thrown in). It’s also a great resource to motivate reluctant writers. Making a comic can be a lot less intimidating than filling up a blank lined page!

Here’s a breakdown of the pages in the printable:

Page 1 teaches students about dialogue, the punctuation used with speaking, and quotation marks.

Page 2 features a multitude of cutout shapes to use in the comic templates (speech bubbles and more)

Page 3 has a fully illustrated comic panel with multi-age characters and their speech bubbles. Students get to fill in what the characters are saying. This is great practice writing dialogue without having to worry about quotation marks!

Pages 4-7 are blank comic templates for students to illustrate and fill in.

Extend the activity:

After students fill out the comics, they can recreate the dialogue they wrote in the speech bubbles on paper to get practice using the correct punctuation. Remind students to refer to the speech bubbles in the printable, so that they know when to create a new paragraph and/or new quotation marks.

This printable packet is an excerpt from my The Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activities book. You can purchase the entire book from, or you can buy the PDF version here at!

Greek and Latin Roots worksheet

Greek and Latin Roots Memory Game / Seasons Vocabulary

y playing this fun memory match-up game, students can learn a set of 8 seasons related words along with some Greek and Latin roots.

This game comes with a set of instructions written for students, and 4 pages of additional printables that feature 16 cards.

Students match the Greek & Latin roots to the words with their definitions. This is a great way to learn some seasons related vocabulary. The Greek and Latin roots add depth and also help build retention.

This set teaches the following words:

  • equinox
  • vernal
  • perihelion
  • aphelion
  • solstice
  • latitude
  • migrate
  • hibernate

All of the words have pronunciation helps.

This is a great activity for kids studying the science of seasons. It’s also great for introducing how learning Latin and Greek words is helpful for vocabulary acquisition, or just learning some new vocabulary words in a different and more hands-on way.

Fall Leaf Adjectives

Leaf Adjectives

Learn about adjectives using this fall leaf printable. Kids can color the front of the leaves, cut them out, and then write short sentences featuring adjectives (to describe the leaves) on the back. There are two word banks that feature helpful words to help your budding writers come up with creative and beautiful sentences.

Younger students may have trouble writing small enough on the backs of the leaves. They can write single adjectives on the back.

You can also hole punch each leaf’s base and string them up to make a fun fall banner.

This printable activity is an adapted excerpt from The Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activities book. You can purchase the entire book from, or you can buy the PDF version here at!

Sentence Maker

FREE Sentence Maker
Sometimes writing a "good" sentence is overwhelming for young writers. This chart helps the process. Choose from each column, put the words together and you've got a great sentence! Sometimes the choices are silly or don't make sense, but that's part of the fun.

FREE Blank Sentence Maker
Use this "sentence maker" with your own choice of words. Customize it for your child with words that s/he will find the most fun or inspirational. There is a set of "example" words to get you started.



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