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We (the family who created this website) have been homeschooling since the early 1990's and in that time have tried just about every different "method" and lots of different curriculums, materials and programs. Over time we have come across some products that really stand out and others we consider "duds" or a waste of our family's time.

We would like to share some of the things we've used and seen and our personal thoughts about them. However, in doing that, please realize that every family is different, as is every child within a family. What may not work for one might be just what another needs. What we love, someone else may hate.

Homeschooling allows families to educate according to their beliefs, temperaments and individual abilities and interests. We are all unique and our tastes in products, curricula and the like reflect that.

Please take into account that these are our "personal" opinions and in no way are we telling you what will or will not work for you and your children, but rather what did and did not for ours. We will also be writing about items we have not used; giving you a complete description and again...our PERSONAL opinions!

We'll be adding reviews over time, so please check back to see if something you are wondering about is listed. You can also email us at guesthollow (at sign) memorableplaces (dot) com and ask about something specific. I've used and seen a huge variety of homeschooling materials so I'd be happy to help you, even if something isn't listed below.

If you would like a material or curriculum to be reviewed please let us know. We will be happy to consider reviewing YOUR product!

Note: I give my HONEST opinion about items. You can trust that I write what I really think and that my reviews are in no way influenced by any other factor(s). I have refused to receive items when I've been asked to not post a review if my review turns out to be negative. I want my readers to be able to trust they are getting the real deal.

We have 2 sections for reviews: Book Reviews and Curricula & Homeschool Resource Reviews. Click the image below for the book reviews or scroll down to see the homeschool reviews.

BOOK reviews (for both children and adults):

Book Reviews

Curricula & Homeschool Resource Reviews
*Please note, I have hundreds of smaller reviews of materials on my homeschool curricula pages.

Language Arts
Foreign Language & Latin

Language Arts

All About Spelling - This multi-sensory spelling program is a hit in our house!

English from the Roots Up - A vocabulary program for grades 2-12 that is very flexible and not dumbed-down

Marie's Words - Vocabulary flashcards that are VISUAL and fun. Even though they use words geared for the SAT, I think they are helpful for almost any age.

Foreign Language

Lively Latin Big Book 1 - This is the first program where we've actually experienced Latin success that goes beyond vocabulary! I'm not a Latin failure anymore! smile

Song School Greek A gentle and fun introduction to Greek for younger students!

Visual Latin
This Latin program breaks out of the usual Latin program mold and interjects a much needed dose of fun, humor and solid Latin instruction that sticks!


In the Hands of a Child Renaissance Lapbook

This 72 page, affordable lapbook has everything you need for a 7 day unit study on the Renaissance! It's a solid lapbook choice, but unfortunately wasn't a hit in our house.

Sonlight Curriculum
A opinion piece / review about Sonlight Curriculum.

An opinion piece / review of WinterPromise curriculum. We discuss their American Story 2 program, 4th grade language arts and talk about the instructor's guides and a bit about the company in general. We go over the positives and the potential negatives.


Life of Fred math books
These unique living math books are getting a growing fan base and the word is spreading among homeschoolers. Find out why!

Compare the strengths and weaknesses of different, popular math programs.

Our Experiences with Math
This isn't a review, but rather an article on our experiences with math and some of the materials we've used.

Teaching Textbooks Math Program(s)
Read an article (initial impression) about Teaching Textbook's math programs written by a teenage student who actually used them. We are thrilled with how our math "hating" daughter got excited about this subject!


AmBooks - AmBooks are digital, interactive books stuffed full of videos, animations, games and more to help you learn various science topics.

Big Bag of Science - A terrific kit with lots of hands-on gooey experiments to help nuture a love of science or brighten up a dull homeschool day

Carbon Chemistry by Ellen McHenry - An engaging chemistry curriculum with hands-on activities, songs, skits, experiments and an easy-to-understand text. This program is designed to follow The Elements.

ExploreLearning mini-review: has a free 30-day trial where you can have full access to their entire library of 450 Gizmos. The Gizmos are interactive math and science simulations that really help make learning concepts clear and easier to understand.

The Elements: Ingredients of the Universe by Ellen McHenry

An engaging chemistry curriculum with hands-on activities, songs, skits, experiments and an easy-to-understand text.


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