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THIS CURRICULUM HAS BEEN UPDATED. This is an outdated page that I'm leaving up for those who have chosen to use this older curriculum. Please click here to see our NEW and totally updated / revised anatomy curriculum!


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Here are the materials you will need to do this high school science course independently of Otter's Elementary Science.


Anatomy and Physiology for Health Professionals: An Interactive Journey
You do not need the workbook or the teacher's guide if you are on a budget. I would just use the website for the free quizzes to test your student's knowledge. That's what we will be doing since Bear will be reading and doing items from Otter's Elementary Science too.


You will want to choose ONE of the survival books (or both if your child is really into this unit). Choose either the SAS book or the Man vs. Wild book.


SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any Climate, on Land or at Sea
"The SAS Survival Handbook is the Special Air Service's complete course in being prepared for any type of emergency. John 'Lofty' Wiseman presents real strategies for surviving in any type of situation, from accidents and escape procedures, including chemical and nuclear to successfully adapting to various climates (polar, tropical, desert), to identifying edible plants and creating fire. The book is extremely practical and is illustrated throughout with easy-to-understand line art and diagrams."

This is a terrific book that is pretty extensive, very interesting and has easy to understand, etc. You can get a free preview of it online via Google Books here. Page 43 is a good example page to take a look at.

I think it also ties in very nicely with the whole geography theme from this year that will we also be using.


Man vs. Wild: Survival Techniques from the Most Dangerous Places on Earth
This book is more visually engaging than the SAS book with color photographs. I think the SAS book goes into more detail with more diagrams, but both are contain good information. Choose which one you want based on your chlid's preference.



Where There is No Doctor a FREE book online by the Hesperian Foundation
We love this book. It's just so interesting!


American College of Emergency Physicians First Aid Manual

This book has over 500 clear color photographs and easy to understand step-by-step instructions to help you learn first aid. Very practical!




Buzz: A Graphic Reality Check for Teens Dealing With Drugs and Alcohol (FlipSwitch)

I haven't looked at this Christian book yet, but there is a preview of a few of the pages on Amazon. I'll write more when we are able to take a look.



Lab materials: (Materials marked with an asterisk are items NOT scheulded in Otter's Elementary Science.)

Sheep brain
Dissection booklet *
Dissection tools (to use for all the dissections) *

Cow eye dissection kit OR watch a cow eye dissection online

Animal heart from the grocery store or Home Science Tools
Dissection guide *

Blood typing kit from Home Science Tools

Sheep kidney
Dissection guide *

Glo Germ Mini Handwashing Kit
Glo Germ Gel Kit (more expensive, but it has a bigger black light and more gel)
Glo Germ powder (optional) - The powder will make it so you can do all of the experiments on this page.

The World of Germs Kit
If your student feels too old to use a Magic School Bus science kit, you can order a similar (and more expensive) kit from Home Science Tools that does basically the same (or very similar) thing.

Optional microscope lab:
You may want look for images similar to those on the slides on the Internet, if you can't afford the slide sets. Try Google images.

Microscope - Click here to read a page on how to select a microscope.

Anatomy microscope slide set

Human pathology microscope slide set Slides from this set are marked with a * in the schedule.


All the videos are optional, but I highly recommend you try to obtain at least a few of them to add a visual element to your study. You may want to preview the videos to make sure they are appropriate for your students.



National Geographic - Inside the Living Body
Preview this video here.




National Geographic - The Incredible Human Body
Preview this video here.





You don't need to watch all three of these, but our kids will just because they are so fascinating. I also think it's important for my children to understand our belief that life does begin before birth.

National Geographic - In the Womb



National Geographic: In the Womb - Multiples


National Geographic: In the Womb - Animals




Schedule in 3 episodes per week, or just watch the episodes as you wish.






Man vs. Wild - Season 1 (6 DVD set)
According to the reviews this show is less "authentic" than the one above, but very entertaining and informative, at any rate. ;-)
Schedule it in as you wish over the next 4 weeks.







Sex Has a Price Tag

This book is optional. You can use it or another purity book (if that is what your family believes in). We have read through a variety of purity books. This one is easy to read but very frank and covers some pretty sensitive topics. Please preview it first to make sure it's appropriate for your child.


Books and DVD's you will need from Otter's Elementary Science Curriculum - if you are not doing that curriculum with a younger student:

How to Really Fool Yourself: Illusions for All Your Senses

This book contains over 70 activities and is a fun read. Even a high schooler should enjoy it.







She Touched the World: Laura Bridgman, Deaf-Blind Pioneer






Through Deaf Eyes (DVD)







Sound and Fury (DVD)

Chew On This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food









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