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Join Abigail, Henry, Grace, and their lively Fox Terrier, Beowulf, as they learn about the seasons and many other cross-curricular topics in a 14-week science adventure!

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I do NOT make any guarantees about this schedule, any of the books & materials scheduled, or anything else. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Q: What kind of curriculum is this?

A: The Science of Seasons is what I call a literature and activity-based framework curriculum. Think of a framework curriculum as a foundation for all your other studies and supplies a framework for you build off of. When I think of a framework curriculum, I think of Sonlight, WinterPromise, My Father's World, Beautiful Feet study guides, and that type of homeschool program. They are kind of like unit-studies built around one idea, like history, or science. Basically, you are studying one main thing and then building off of that. You can add in whatever you like. Maybe you want more of a language arts focus. Find ways to incorporate writing, vocabulary, handwriting and other language arts skills into the framework. Maybe you have a child obsessed with math. Incorporate more math topics into what you are learning. It's really easy once you get a feel for this style of learning. YOU are in control, not the curriculum. You can adapt and adjust for YOUR child or children.

Q: Is this curriculum Christian or secular?

A: It can be either. While The Science of Seasons set of books contains a few Christian references, it's not pushy and is in the context of the character's beliefs. It's also not mentioned constantly. That's one of the reasons I call my books Christian-friendly. It's there, but it's not shoved down your throat. The Science of Seasons also mentions other religions in a respectful manner (Jews, Hindus) in the context of seasonal celebrations in other cultures. As for the curriculum schedule, all of the books used, except for The Science of Seasons are secular. I do include Bible study links for each week in the schedule that can be used or skipped, as desired.

Q: What age is this curriculum for?

A: I think it would work well for 1st-4th graders, with the target grades being 2-3. As every parent knows, every kid is different. You might have a 3rd grader reading 300 page novels and a 6th grader who is still happy to read Berenstain Bears. It's hard to pin grades to things when kids can be all over the map, especially homeschooled kids!
Take a look at the books and materials I've scheduled in to see if it's a fit for your kids. My curriculum is easy to adapt for almost any age - either younger or older. It also works great for multiple ages. Just use my schedule as a framework and substitute whatever books and activities are more appropriate for your children.
Please note that the Science of Seasons set of books by themselves are for grades 1-6! They can be used independently and just for fun.
Note: I always loved to combine my kids in as many studies as I could. One year I had a 10th grader and a 10-year-old learning anatomy & physiology with materials adapted for each of their ages. They both learned a TON and had a lot more fun than if they would have studied it independently. It made life easier for me too! ;-) I've made most of my curricula with that type of set-up in mind.

Q: Is this all I need for science? What other curricula do I need?

A: I would be happy using this for science with my kids. I think enough topics are covered and you still have over half a school year (22 weeks if you use a 36-week school schedule) to use any other science curriculum that interests you. We used to fly through science programs, so I always needed more to do. This fits the bill for that OR it can be for those of you who want a gentler approach. You can easily extend the schedule out for a low-key and fun year of science mixed with other topics for the "youngers". This curriculum also works if you school year-round and would like a break between bigger, full-year programs.
Even though other subjects are touched on in this schedule like language arts and math, you still need to provide your children with language arts, math, history, etc. This curriculum is designed to give kids a main framework for their studies with room for rabbit trails. It's science, but it's a whole lot more! It's learning Guest Hollow style! This is the way I taught my kids, by tying together cross-curricular topics, adding in a nice pile of books, and engaging in plenty of hands-on activities.

Q: What topics do you cover?

A: These are the topics that are covered, if you do everything listed. Some topics are covered more in depth than others. There are additional non-science topics covered as well, along with 4 books for literature.

Science topics:

  • Arctic animals
  • Animal camouflage
  • Animal habitats
  • Animal migration
  • Butterflies and caterpillars
  • Earth's magnetic poles
  • Leaves changing color
  • Northern lights
  • Oceans
  • Plants
  • Seasons related topics (including the science that causes them)
  • Snow
  • Sun
  • Volcanoes
  • Weather
  • Whales

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Q: I'm a box checker. Do I have to do everything in the schedule?

A: Please don't! LOL…or DO! It's really up to you. I never got around to doing all of the activities in ANY weekly schedule style curriculum I used. I often substituted books and activities that I liked better. Think of this as a buffet of things to choose from. You can use it as is, or you can stretch it out over an entire year by adding in goodies you find yourself. Don't be a slave to the schedule! Only YOU know what is best for your kids!

Testimonial from Jessica W. "We absolutely loved this curriculum! It was so sweet and fun!"

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*Please note: I have not previewed every moment of all the scheduled videos or resources. Watch and use at your discretion. What is O.K. for one family may not be for another. If a video is unavailable, you should be able to find a substitute on YouTube. Videos are embedded below each weekly schedule. Watch on whichever day you deem appropriate. Sometimes an embedded video will no longer be available. Just do a YouTube search of the video title to find another version of it.

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