The Science of Seasons - A FREE Literature and Activity-Based Science Curriculum

Science curriculum


Join Abigail, Henry, Grace, and their lively Fox Terrier, Beowulf, as they learn about the seasons and many other science topics! Some of the topics your child will learn:

  • Arctic animals
  • Animal camouflage
  • Animal habitats
  • Animal migration
  • Butterflies and caterpillars
  • Earth's magnetic poles
  • Leaves changing color
  • Northern lights
  • Oceans
  • Plants
  • Seasons related topics (including the science that causes them)
  • Snow
  • Sun
  • Volcanoes
  • Weather
  • Whales

I have 2 curriculum options for you:

  • Option 1: A 14 week science curriculum with cross-curricular topics and literature woven in.

    Testimonial from Jessica W. "We absolutely loved this curriculum! It was so sweet and fun!"

  • Option 2: A topics based science curriculum that can be used in each season: spring, summer, fall, and winter, OR you can use it over the course of a year, focusing on each season with various science topics.

Click on the choices above to read lots more about each option!

Happy learning!




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