How You Can Help Support Our Efforts... is a site that has been created and maintained solely by a husband and wife team. My husband pays for the bandwidth, helps keep links in the curricula updated, etc., and I create the web pages, graphics, art, printables and curricula.

I love homeschooling. That's the original reason why I created this site and shared hundreds of resources for free.

Now that my children have all graduated from our homeschool, I've been turning Guest Hollow into a small family business, as well as a ministry to homeschool families with some of the items I continue to offer for free.

We need your support to justify the time spent on Guest Hollow, and to turn it from a hobby into a viable, full-time business. There are so many things we'd like to do to expand our website and offerings, but we have to make a living too!

Here are some ways you can show how much you love Guest Hollow and tip the balance into allowing us to work full-time on Guest Hollow projects. Working full-time would mean a gushing fountain of curricula, printables, learning resources, and more! It also allows us to offer our items FREE to families who are suffering financial difficulties. We don't ever want to turn anyone away from having a Guest Hollow style education. We care about the families who love us, as well as those who want to join the Guest Hollow family, but think they can't due to hardships.

Support our site by shopping at Amazon! Our site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Our family personally shops from Amazon on a frequent basis. We wouldn't link to them if we didn't love them ourselves! Every time you shop at Amazon instead of somewhere else (using our link), Guest Hollow will benefit.

  • You can say thanks with a gift certificate of any amount (even just a dollar for my "tip jar"!). Just choose an Amazon Gift Card - E-mail amount and send it to guesthollow{at sign} Please note that Amazon doesn't give me your email if you do, so I can't thank you personally unless you include your email address in the message (whatever you are comfortable with in that regard is fine!). For those of you who've I've been or will be unable to thank, please know I appreciate your gift so much and it will be put to good use. THANK YOU!!!! I wish you could see my huge smile and know the depth of my appreciation. You've totally made my day. :-)

  • You can donate any amount via

Please also spread the word about our website and products on your homeschooling boards, blog(s), social media, homeschooling groups, and wherever else you can! Share the Guest Hollow love!

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