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Guest Hollow is a small homeschool curriculum and materials company. Run by a couple who truly care about their customers, we spend a lot of time providing the best customer service that we are able to!

Part of our commitment to customer service is spending a lot of time on social media. We encourage our customers to interact with each other, and we try to interact as much as we can. If you have an immediate need, contact us, but if you want to chit-chat with us and other customers, you may want to avail yourself of the following Social Media resources.
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The Guest Family
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Guest Hollow also maintains a number of Groups on Facebook.

What follows is a full list of Guest Hollow Facebook groups. You have a hearty invitation to join the following groups that are a fit:

Guest Hollow’s Main Anchor Groups

We recommend you join at least ONE of these groups. We make announcements on them, and they are a good place to start for general questions.

Guest Hollow High School Curriculum Users Group

Guest Hollow K-8 Curriculum Users Group

Guest Hollow’s Individual Curriculum Groups

Guest Hollow’s Grade School Science Curriculum Homeschooling User’s Group

Guest Hollow’s Geography Curriculum User’s Group

Guest Hollow’s High School History Curriculum User’s Group

Guest Hollow’s Biology Curriculum Group Page

Guest Hollow’s High School Physics User’s Group

Guest Hollow’s Anatomy Curriculum User’s Group

Guest Hollow’s Chemistry in the Kitchen User’s Group

Guest Hollow’s Language Arts & Beowulf’s Grammar User’s Group

Guest Hollow’s Off Topic And Other Discussions Group

The Guest Hollow Conversations and Chit-Chat Group