Guest Hollow gift cards are now available!

If you are looking for just the right gift for a homeschooler – look no further!

If there is anyone on your list who homeschools – things just got a whole lot easier for you! If you are looking for an unusual and unique gift that truly DOES ‘keep on giving’ all year long, Guest Hollow may have the solution you are seeking.

Guest Hollow LLC’ s gift cards allow you to give the gift of homeschool materials and curriculum without having to blindly select the particular item your recipient may need.  Guest Hollow gift cards allow the recipient to choose the item they want from the Guest Hollow store, and you get the credit for a truly wonderful and useful gift that they will use for an entire year!

Guest Hollow is a small mom and pop company known for simply outstanding customer service and extremely unique and unusual but efficacious curriculum choices.  Such titles as Guest Hollow’s popular Chemistry in the Kitchen, Whirlwind World History, Beowulf’s Grammar Workbook, and others have brought a great deal of fun and delight to families all across the world who have enjoyed Guest Hollow’s unique and FUN approach to homeschooling curriculum, books, and other materials!

How Do Guest Hollow Gift Cards Work?

Guest Hollow Gift Cards are EASY to give and to redeem. If you have any problems with making a purchase or redeeming gift cards please let us know right away! You can send an email to and we will respond as promptly as we can!

Please read the following instructions which will briefly show you the steps to purchasing and redeeming cards or scroll right to the bottom to purchase a gift card!

To purchase a Guest Hollow gift card is simple! Just follow these steps:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of this page and look for the green box where it asks: “Ready to purchase a Guest Hollow Gift Card?
  • Choose the amount of the gift card from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the gift card recipient’s email, type in who the gift card is from, and add your personalized message in the text boxes.
  • Choose your delivery date.

The gift card will then be sent to the recipient’s email.
Note: If you want to give a hard-copy certificate you can send the gift card to yourself, print it out, and give the Guest Hollow Gift Certificate as a hard copy instead!

To redeem a Guest Hollow gift card is also simple! Just follow these steps:

  • Go to the Guest Hollow Store at
  • Find an item you would like to use the gift card to purchase.
  • IF you are a previous customer of Guest Hollow make sure to log into your account.  If you are NOT a previous customer an account will be created for you at the time you redeem your card automatically.
  • Place the item you would like in your cart.
  • Go through the normal Guest Hollow checkout procedure outlined here:
  • At the point in the checkout where you can enter the coupon code, put in the code that is listed on the gift card.  The price of your order will be reduced by that amount.
  • Finish the checkout procedure and download your items!

Gift Card Expiration Policy and Other Issues:

Important: Guest Hollow Gift Cards are good for ONE YEAR.  If they are not redeemed in that period of time they will expire.  We encourage customers and recipients to use their gift cards as soon as practical.

What to do if you have not received your gift card:

Thankfully we have not had significant problems with this. BUT just in case you do not receive your gift card here is what you should do:

Usually receiving Guest Hollow Gift Cards is fairly immediate but if you or your recipient do not receive the gift card within 6 hours it is possible that our email to you or your recipient containing your gift card was redirected by the recipient’s SPAM or JUNKMAIL filters programs that wrongly flagged it.

Please first double check that the SPAM, JUNKMAIL, and TRASH folders do not have the gift card email in them. If the gift card email was wrongly flagged as spam or junkmail please whitelist the “from” email address and retrieve your gift card from the appropriate junk folder.

If the gift card email is NOT in the various types of junkmail folders we will happily work with you to immediately get the problem resolved. Simply write to us at let us know your name, the date you ordered, the order number if you have it, and what happened and we WILL get the problem fixed!

Ready to purchase a Guest Hollow Gift Card?

Choose a dollar amount from the drop-down box and type the info into the text boxes. Click “Add to Cart” when finished. 🙂


If anyone on your recipient list this year homeschools, or if you homeschool and keep getting asked what YOU would like for Christmas, perhaps a couple of Guest Hollow Gift Certificates might be just the ticket!

Happy homeschooling!