Anatomy Curriculum Bundle


Get all 3 levels of our popular anatomy curriculum at a 15% discount!


Get all 3 levels of our popular anatomy curriculum at a 15% discount!

anatomy curriculum


Do you have a large age spread to teach? You can teach them all the same science topic with this discounted bundle.

Teaching multiple ages the same topic engages the entire family and makes things much easier to manage. Older siblings can help younger siblings, and all ages can share activities and books across levels. It’s more fun to share!! ūüôā

This bundle features the following:

LEVEL ONE:¬†Click here for more information about Little Otter’s Anatomy Curriculum.

LEVEL TWO: Click here for more information about Guest Hollow’s Jr. Anatomy Curriculum.¬†

LEVEL THREE: Click here for more information about Guest Hollow’s High School Anatomy Curriculum.

What your purchase of Guest Hollow’s Anatomy Curriculum Bundle gets you:

  • 3¬†printable schedules (one for each level) in Microsoft Word format that you can edit!
  • 3¬†non editable PDF schedules¬†(one for each level) that are ready to print.
    • Note:¬†The printable schedules will be updated once a year and only available via repurchase.
  • Printable book lists to help you with your planning and shopping

But wait, there’s more…. ?

The following is not guaranteed and is only provided as a courtesy. It may become unavailable at any time:

When you purchase a printable curriculum schedule, you also get access to 3¬†password protected ONLINE schedules for those of you who’d like a more¬†visual schedule with links a student or parent can click on directly from a¬†computer or a tablet.

Free updates & additions to the online schedules may be added occasionally! You do not need to repurchase anything to access these changes, as long as the online version of the schedules are provided. That means that even if your printable schedules are out-of-date, the online schedules will always be the newest version of the curricula.

Happy homeschooling!


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