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Save over 10% on a combined Beowulf’s Grammar package! Get both the workbook and the teacher’s manual together!

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Please read the information at the following link before purchasing:  Click here for more detailed information about this curriculum.

What your purchase of Beowulf’s Grammar Bundle gets you:

  • A printable (digital) 400+ page PDF of Beowulf’s Grammar (broken up into 4 files to make it easier to download)
  • A printable (digital) 143 page PDF of Beowulf’s Grammar Teacher’s Manual

Please click here for more detailed information about this curriculum. You will find an FAQ, a downloadable table of contents that lists the curriculum topics, and more!

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9 reviews for Beowulf’s Grammar Bundle – Save over 10%!

  1. Brenda (verified owner)

    I received a review copy of Beowulf’s Grammar.

    This is a playful grammar program for elementary aged students. I was impressed at both how cute it is and how deep it goes. It covers material that goes beyond the previous grammar programs I have used.

    I started out this program with my 3rd and 5th graders over a short break to try it with my students, give them some more grammar practice, and give them another perspective on grammar. They loved it so much that when I asked if they wanted to continue it when we started up school again, even though it would be in addition to our normal all-in-one English curriculum, they enthusiastically shouted, “Yes!” One of them even sat gushing to dad one night about how much she loves “the new grammar,” telling him all about her favorite prepositions.

    We are not done with the program yet; we’ve done about half of the curriculum (through the section teaching on direct and indirect objects). My kids have enjoyed what we’ve done. I do think they’ve gained a deeper understanding on the topics they had already covered and also a good understanding on the topics that were new to them. The various types of practice and review both keep the program fun rather than monotonous and ensure strong understanding of the topics.

    There are comics, worksheets, games, and lapbook type activities to teach and practice the parts of speech, basic punctuation, parts of the sentence, sentence analysis, and diagramming. I recommend using this curriculum on a computer, laptop, or tablet rather than printing it as it has a lot of color pages. If you were to print, some pages would need to be printed single sided (as you cut parts of the page out), and some could be printed double sided (which would save paper). We do this curriculum on a large format tablet with a PDF annotation program to write where needed. When we get to a page that requires printing, we print out those pages as needed. If I didn’t have an easy way to annotate a PDF, I’d probably do a lot of the exercises orally.

    The teacher book includes a suggested 33-week schedule, miniature versions of the student pages (with solutions), and suggestions for teaching, clarification, and extra activities. This would be an easy program to compact into less time if you wanted it to be done sooner than 33-weeks (if you were using it for review or an older child).

  2. Laurie McNeil (verified owner)

    We have only finished 1/2 of the book. We are saving the rest for the fall, but my daughter told a principal, who is a friend, that grammar was her favorite subject. He said he has never heard that one and needed to check out what we use! Both my 12 year olds always willingly participate. I’m learning it too!

  3. Christa Farmer (verified owner)

    We can’t say enough good about GH Grammar!! My son is in the 7th grade and struggles with SPD issues. We use the Grammar as a part of the Language Arts program and it’s a terrific set! But if you are just looking for grammar as a stand alone, this will not disappoint! This is the first time I’ve seen him engaged in and enjoying a language arts program. The assignments provide enough of a blend of visual, hands on, and written work that I feel it reinforces what is being taught very well. He has enjoyed this so program much that we’re looking at other GH curricula for his future! Thanks Guest Hollow!

  4. Shannon (verified owner)

    I just bought the bundle set. I will be homeschooling for the first time. I have 2 girls ages 6 and 8. When I showed my girls this program and the samples, they got excited and were laughing and want to start this weekend! Another note: when I was shopping at a store for home school grammar, I would show my girls another program, and they would tell me, “no mom” “we want the one with the dog and fun learning”. I’m trying to gather all my wits and thoughts on this new home school adventure. Stumbling on Guesthollow website and this grammar program has helped eased some of my stress. Just skimming through the pages of this grammar program has me excited as well. I will write another review as soon as we start, which, if up to my girls, will be this weekend.

  5. Meg (verified owner)

    I received a review copy of Beowulf’s Grammar.
    We have tried many different grammar programs over the years and each have been dreaded by my children! Then we tried Beowulf and grammar became a requested subject. My kids have learned so much and had fun doing it. They have laughed their way through lessons, smiled while working on projects and learning the whole time.
    I originally planned on using Beowulf for my oldest, but after seeing the fun he was having, I had two others join in. It was a great fit for my 6, 8 and 10 year old.

  6. famofpitbulls4life (verified owner)

    Beowulf’s Grammar Bundle is AWESOME! Our daughter’s, who are 6th and 10th graders, absolutely love their workbooks.Being a homeschool mom, it’s hard to find material that will keep my kids interested and have them look forward to a particular subject, but Beowulf’s Grammar changed that.
    When my husband and I came across this website and viewed the materials, we really liked the workbooks and teacher manual, with how they were created and designed.
    The workbooks are easy for them to understand and fun. The pictures are colorful and they enjoy the games within the lessons.
    I would highly recommend Beowulf’s Grammar to any homeschool parent or an after school lesson for extra studies.

  7. JoAnna (verified owner)

    We have been using this for about 4 weeks and absolutely love it. It is fun and my children are learning so much with it. I even find that I enjoy going over all of this with them everything is put together in a way that is easy to understand.

  8. Rebecca (verified owner)

    We LOVE Beowulf’s Grammar! It is so fun and engaging. This is one subject we look forward to everyday.

    • JENNIFER GUEST (verified owner)

      Thank you for posting your review! I’m so glad you love Beowulf’s Grammar! <3

  9. norilynjung (verified owner)

    I can’t express how much my son loves this curriculum! We started homeschooling around April 2019 for about a month and a half. We eventually enjoyed it so decided to homeschool that fall when we finally moved to our new base (we’re a military family.) Since we were new to homeschooling, we just went with EasyPeasy. We weren’t really enjoying it, more so my son wasn’t interested to learn at the time so around February 2020, I wanted to change up our curriculum. I came across Beowulf’s Grammar. I reached out to Jennifer to get more information and she suggested I get the grammar bundle so we went with that. I forgot to mention my son is currently in 3rd grade. He is always looking forward to Beowulf! We have dogs so he’s also a dog lover so this curricula was a perfect fit for him. He loves the little comics we come across, we also love the little projects that come along with the workbooks as well as the printables you receive with this bundle. We roughly spend around 20-35 mins depending what it is that day. Usually we extend throughout the day as we choose to supplement and review what we have learned earlier. I do like how everything is laid out for you. It really helped me with the planning! We are actually almost done with this and my son has retained so much information! It has helped him so much and I plan to also use this for my daughter. This has definitely been enjoyable for us! It’s fun, informative, funny, and engaging. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

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