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Guest Hollow Language Arts is engaging, contains customizable elements to make a great fit for all types of learners, and approaches language arts subjects through diverse and colorful resources instead of a pile of boring workbooks.


Our language arts schedule is a little different than most homeschool language arts curricula in a variety of ways. Some of the key differences:

  • It can be used for a variety of ages and grades, from grade 2 through grade 6. This means you can teach multiple students at once without having to use (or pay for) multiple language arts programs!
  • It uses literature and a variety of books to teach concepts rather than tons of boring workbooks.
  • It provides (optional) teacher education with parent/teacher reading assignments and articles to help YOU become a more informed homeschool teacher.
  • It gently guides you into making your own curriculum-related decisions, so you can feel more confident doing things “your” way in future years.
  • It’s flexible, so you aren’t locked into a set of books that doesn’t work for your student.
  • Tried-and-true traditional methods are incorporated in the program mixed with fresh and fun new ways of learning things to reach a variety of learners – from the gifted to the reluctant!

Please read the information at the following link before purchasing:  Click here for more detailed information about this curriculum. 

What your purchase of Guest Hollow’s Language Arts Curriculum gets you:

  • A printable schedule in Microsoft Word format that you can edit!
  • The SAME printable schedule in PDF format
    • Note: The printable schedules will be updated once a year and only available via repurchase.
  • A printable PDF packet of printables
  • A handy, printable book list to help you plan your purchases and/or decide what to borrow from the library
    • Books are ranked on the printable list to help you decide what is absolutely necessary for the program and what is optional. The printable book list also has Lexile levels for many of the books to help you determine what your child can read to himself and what he may need you to read out loud.

But wait, there’s more….

The following is not guaranteed and is only provided as a courtesy. It may become unavailable at any time:

When you purchase a printable curriculum schedule, you also get access to a password protected ONLINE schedule for those of you who’d like a more visual schedule with links a student or parent can click on directly from a computer or a tablet.

Please click here for more detailed information about this curriculum. You will find a list of materials, questions and answers, free sample weeks and more!

1 review for Guest Hollow Language Arts

  1. Christa Farmer (verified owner)

    I have loved this program! My son is in the 7th grade and struggles with SPD issues. This is the first time I’ve seen him engaged in and enjoying a language arts program. The assignments provide enough of a blend of visual, hands on, and written work that I feel it reinforces what is being taught very well. We have skipped over a few of the books that seemed a little ‘young’ for him. But most of the books work great no matter the age (I still love a good picture book!) He has enjoyed this so much that we’re looking at other GH curricula for his future! Thanks Guest Hollow!

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