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Most anatomy curriculums are comprised of thick, boring textbooks with a handful of labs. Our anatomy curriculum has TWO engaging textbook options, loads of great books, fun labs, fascinating videos and even online games and free printables scheduled in. It’s meaty enough to be a “core” curriculum, and flexible enough to be reduced to the bare bones (har-har!), if you already have a daily schedule that is weighing your student down. Scroll down to read more!


High School Anatomy Curriculum

Please read the information at the following link before purchasing:  Click here for more detailed information about this curriculum.

What your purchase of Guest Hollow’s High School Anatomy Curriculum gets you:

  • A printable schedule in Microsoft Word format that you can edit!
  • A printable PDF schedule
    • Note: The printable schedules will be updated once a year and only available via repurchase.
  • A printable book list for planning purposes with a nifty shopping checklist

But wait, there’s more…. 😉

The following is not guaranteed and is only provided as a courtesy. It may become unavailable at any time:

When you purchase a printable curriculum schedule, you also get access to a password protected ONLINE schedule for those of you who’d like a more visual schedule with links a student or parent can click on directly from a computer or a tablet.

Free updates & additions to the online schedule may be added occasionally! You do not need to repurchase anything to access these changes, as long as the online version of the schedule is provided. That means that even if your printable schedule is out-of-date, the online schedule will always be the newest version of the curriculum.

Please click here for more detailed information about this curriculum. You will find a list of materials, information about labs, free worksheets, free sample weeks and more!

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7 reviews for Guest Hollow’s High School Anatomy Curriculum

  1. rlarsen.scott (verified owner)

    I like all the choices that we have and the layout of the course. You can tell the it was thoroughly thought through when created.

  2. Shannon Rop (verified owner)

    This is our last week with Anatomy & Physiology and my son loved it. We used Biology last year so were familiar with the format…we love all the living books, the variety (books, videos, activities), the schedule. It was perfect for my humanities-minded son. On to Chemistry in the Kitchen next year!

  3. Brandie (verified owner)

    We enjoyed the layout of the course and the books that were scheduled. We appreciated all the website links and various activities that make this course mult-sensory. Thank you!

  4. Lilyan (verified owner)

    We have used Guest Hollow Biology and now Anatomy and Physiology. We absolutely and thoroughly enjoy these programs. Although this has been our favorite course, so far! We both learned so much and enjoyed discussing the beautiful bodies God gave us and sharing new information in the wonderful hand-picked resources in this delightful program! I can not say enough about these spectacular programs, thank you!!!

  5. sixadoptions

    This anatomy from Guest Hollow is interesting! It’s the favorite subject of my daughter and I enjoy it, too! I’m also using the Physics with my son and another daughter will be starting Physics soon. Love Guest Hollow!

  6. Amanda (verified owner)

    My 10th grader is loving the curriculum so far. I was worried about all the reading at first, because my daughter is not an avid reader, but she has loved all the novels so far. It’s good to see her enjoying reading, and learning so much! I highly recommend this course for any kids interested in going into the medical field in college.

  7. Amy everett

    I have a question. Your description above says you have two engaging anatomy textbook options but I only see one. The one for 20.00. Am I missing something?

    • JENNIFER GUEST (verified owner)

      Hi Amy, If you look on this page:
      You will see the two textbook options. The first option is: Anatomy & Physiology Made Incredibly Easy!
      The 2nd option is: Anatomy and Physiology Made Incredibly Visual!
      If you read the descriptions, you’ll be able to see the differences between the two. 🙂 Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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