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Most chemistry curriculums are comprised of thick, boring textbooks that require a firm grounding in algebra and feature labs with chemicals that can strike fear in a homeschool parent’s heart. Our chemistry curriculum is like nothing out there in the homeschool market (that I know of)! You don’t need to know any higher level math to do it. You don’t have to purchase a $250 lab kit with chemicals galore and test tubes. This is a PRACTICAL chemistry course for those of you who have students who hate math, hate science, and are in tears thinking of that scary chemistry textbook they are supposed to choke down. This is also the perfect science curriculum for those students who LOVE science and want to learn some down-to-earth science they will use and enjoy knowing throughout their lives. Scroll down to read more!


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What your purchase of Guest Hollow’s High School Chemistry Curriculum gets you:

  • A printable schedule in Microsoft Word format that you can edit!
  • The SAME printable schedule in PDF format
    • Note: The printable schedules will be updated once a year and only available via repurchase.
  • A printable PDF workbook/study guide
  • A PDF packet of printables for vocabulary, recipes, and an activity for monosaccharides & disaccharides
  • A printable booklist for planning purposes with a nifty shopping checklist and a book ranking

But wait, there’s more….

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When you purchase a printable curriculum schedule, you also get access to a password protected ONLINE schedule for those of you who’d like a more visual schedule with links a student or parent can click on directly from a computer or a tablet.

Free updates & additions to the online schedule may be added occasionally! You do not need to repurchase anything to access these changes, as long as the online version of the schedule is provided. That means that even if your printable schedule is out-of-date, the online schedule will always be the newest version of the curriculum.

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12 reviews for Guest Hollow’s Chemistry in the Kitchen Curriculum

  1. Kimberlie Flanagan (verified owner)

    My daughter and I both are enjoying this curriculum. I highly recommend this curriculum if you have a student that is not strong in math or has not enjoyed science previously. My one concern was that there might be too much reading as my daughter is not a strong reader. You can easily adjust the amount of reading to fit your student. I have my daughter read some of the material silently and we enjoy reading other books aloud. We are having fun and learning too!

  2. Lise Brown (verified owner)

    My twin boys, who are juniors this year, and I are using this curriculum this year. What I love about it as a parent, and former public school teacher is that it is NOT a traditional, Chemistry curriculum, which is why my boys picked it. I love that everything is already laid out for me with an incredible selection of books, videos, recipes and other resources. One of my boys said this, “I’m learning Chemistry in a much simpler, but interesting and creative way. I’m not a big reader, but have enjoyed the books and really liked making a lot of different foods.” This is our second time to use some of your curriculum and we’re really grateful for the time and effort you’ve put into it. Really, really good stuff!!

  3. Dacia Capps

    I am about to complete this for a second time with my younger son. I will eventually do it a third with my youngest! Yes we like it that much. My oldest son who did this first has autism and was able to grasp this in a way he never could have in a traditional chemistry. He also now has life long skills he will use again and again. The schedule is complete with everything. The time and effort that went into making this was priceless and the writer alone is priceless. I cannot say enough good things about her. I have been using various things she has made for almost a decade we will always come back to using her ideas and creations!!

  4. Joanna

    We thoroughly enjoyed using this Chemistry curriculum! It was very engaging and my students stayed interested in it the entire year. Using the different types and sources for the reading materials made this curriculum much more attractive to my teenagers. We all were pleased with the videos and activities. I, as the parent, liked that it helped teach my children some cooking techniques, and that I had the flexibility to pick and choose which books, videos, and activities we covered.

  5. Mason Krause

    This curriculum was used at my homeschool co-op during my freshman year of highschool. I found it to be generally interesting, although some books more than others. Mathematically it was somewhat lacking, but ideal for students who want an easily graspable introduction to the world of covalent and ionic bonds. The reading was enjoyable without being overwhelming, the work was in that sweet-spot of being fairly easy while keeping the sense of accomplishment you feel when you correctly name the number of bonds a carbon atom is capable of having (four). Overall i give this four stars, i would wholeheartedly give a five star review if it were not for the lack of math, but again, for some students this may even be a plus. However, because I plan to go into a STEM career, the math would have been (almost) welcome.

  6. Kellie Krause (verified owner)

    I was able to use this with a coop with grades 9-12. I loved and read most of the books myself! There are a lot of books scheduled, however, it is easy to look through the schedule and pick the books that work best for your family or coop. It was great for our coop because there weren’t many students needing the math portion to continue their science studies in college. I LOVED that everything was scheduled so well. The students could watch the videos at home on their own and then we met to discuss ideas and do experiments. Honestly, my son who plans on going into engineering only benefited from learning the content this way. In looking at our state objectives, the balancing of equations was the only thing not present in this curriculum. Khan Academy was helpful in supplementing this. The kids at coop are hoping to have this class offered again, which is always a good sign:-)

  7. Lilyan (verified owner)

    We did Kitchen Chemistry with 2 other homeschooling families and the girls enjoyed their time making new recipes and experimenting with various chemicals in the kitchen. Each “lab” really turned into a little tea party where we enjoyed what the students had experimented and discussed what they learned. An absolutely ingenious way of learning chemistry. The book, videos, and other resources were sumptuous. Well done!

  8. Donna Henkel (verified owner)

    At the midway point of the curriculum, I can honestly express the joy my sons and I have had completing their weekly science assignments. My 10th grade son is an avid reader and enthusiastically devours each book. My 9th grade son likes to read, he does not love it, though he will read what is required. The book selection has sparked such an interest that he almost has an unspoken desire to read the selections for each day. As a mom, this thrills me to no end! The workbooks, videos, online links and activities are all engaging and provide a real life aspect to the world of chemistry. My sons each have a goal to pursue the trade industry rather than college, Chemistry in the Kitchen is a perfect match to educate them with a solid understanding of chemistry, while eliminating the necessary “college bound” requirements for the subject. Now for the best part, they have each eagerly and emphatically requested to use the Guest Hollow Physics curriculum for next year!

  9. raguilar86 (verified owner)

    We absolutely love this curriculum. My son loves the hands on aspect and how the reading is fun and engaging and not boring text book reading. My younger son can’t wait until he is old enough to start Chemistry in the Kitchen.

  10. Susan Gordon (verified owner)

    My son LOVED this course. The books, the videos, the ease of changing it to fit our family was so nice. Also, he excelled on his ACT in Science. I know that completing this curriculum helped with that! Five stars!

  11. Alicia Hansen (verified owner)

    My two science minded middle schoolers are loving this curriculum. We are working together with other families who are also using the curriculum and cooking together once a week. It is a thorough and interesting take on chemistry. In addition Guest Hollow is a wonderfully supportive company and very responsive to queries. The book selections are varied and interesting, and will become excellent reference resources on our shelves. My kids are incredibly excited to start the geography!

  12. Casie (verified owner)

    My high schooler enjoyed Guesthollow biology, and she’s loving this curriculum as well. We appreciate that she’s getting a thorough education in chemistry and lots of practical kitchen experience at the same time. We’ve been able to find all of the required books at the library, which has been a huge plus for us!

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