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I believe this is an often over-looked subject that sometimes gets short shrift in our homeschools. Geography is usually squashed into history studies or quickly glossed over with a workbook or song. Students often spend a great deal of time learning the cultures of ancient civilizations, but they don’t usually spend as much time learning about the current cultures, people and places that exist all over the world. That leaves them woefully unprepared to understand our world’s politics, world-wide needs or even that there are people who live very different lives from themselves. Learning about the world can open their eyes, mind and heart concerning others and excite their imaginations with animals, cuisine, landscapes culture and stories from different regions.

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When you purchase a printable curriculum schedule, you also get access to a password protected ONLINE schedule for those of you who’d like a more visual schedule with links a student or parent can click on directly from a computer or a tablet.

Free updates & additions to the online schedule may be added occasionally! You do not need to repurchase anything to access these changes, as long as the online version of the schedule is provided. That means that even if your printable schedule is out-of-date, the online schedule will always be the newest version of the curriculum.

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1 review for Guest Hollow’s Jr. Geography Curriculum Schedule

  1. Tiffany Bihm (verified owner)

    We are almost half-way through this curriculum right now, and it has been a big hit with my little ones! It isn’t JUST geography either. The literature selections are fantastic, and my children have learned a ton. Highly recommend!

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