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  • Suitability

    Does any of the Guest Hollow material meet requirements for graduation, educational credits, college admissions, etc?

    This question is impossible for us to answer.

We do NOT in any way make any representations that any of our material will or will not work for establishing credit, being enough to conform to any educational requirements, or pass muster with any federal, state, local, or college requirements.  

We require instructors and parents to determine for themselves, from federal, state, and local authorities – as well as from any colleges that may be considered in the future what is specifically required in their family’s / student’s circumstances in order to meet requirements for credit, graduation, admission, and all other potential requirements and needs.

The morass of individual requirements in between states, municipalities, and colleges is such a tangled mess that we simply cannot help to determine the suitability of any materials or curricula in any meaningful way.    We strongly recommend that instructors determine the requirements and then compare those requirements to what is offered in our materials to see if the materials will pass muster with whatever requirements are extant in any given situation.  We also strongly recommend that when there are potential learning disabilities or challenges of ANY kind that instructors/parents seek professional guidance and qualified assistance with selecting materials to use and in their presentation.

In other words, the determination on whether a student has “accomplished enough for a credit” will NEVER be ours, it must be that of the authorities that you must answer to as well as the requirements of any continuing or higher level education and institutions / tests that you will need to accomplish – and there is no way for us to either know or determine that. We suggest that you seek the assistance of qualified individuals that can determine whether or not our materials will meet all standards you need to meet prior to using our materials.


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