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Welcome to Guest Hollow! On this page we share our CURRENT sales, deals, and promotions. If none are active right now, we will indicate that as well.

POP-UP Memorial Weekend Sale at *ON NOW* Guest Hollow! – PLUS – Something VERY Special is coming Next Week!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone – how about a really quick homeschool materials sale with a very nice price-break? 😀
Not only that, but when this sale ends, we are going to be releasing another brand-new homeschooling curriculum AND marking it down DRASTICALLY for our first-adopters!

So, from right now until Monday at midnight we are pleased to be able to discount your entire order of homeschooling curriculums and other materials by a full FIFTEEN PERCENT!

That is correct… anything you put in your cart at Guest Hollow is going to be 15 percent off.  From homeschool curriculums, to printables, to books… your entire purchase at  will be slashed in price when you use the coupon code:


This sale will end Monday night.


On Tuesday May 28, 2024 we will be releasing another fantastic new homeschooling curriculum.  For the first two days – * only * – the first people to adopt the new curriculum will be able to get the newest Guest Hollow homeschool curriculum for a full 30 percent discount.   Be watching… we’ll make an official announcement about that on Tuesday!

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What exactly IS Guest Hollow?

Guest Hollow, LLC is a quintessential small “mom & pop” boutique business that creates unique and engaging homeschool materials. Guest Hollow products include numerous award-winning curriculum schedules, printable worksheets, books, workbooks, and lots more.

The goal of Guest Hollow as a business is not to make a killing, but rather to support the growing homeschooling community while at the same time making a modest income for ourselves. Our philosophy is quite unique in that, as best we can, we truly DO value our customers and think more about their needs than we do our own profit. We hope this is reflected in not only our prices, but in our responsiveness and customer service. Please come check us out at

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