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  1. Hi,
    My name is Candice and I was giving Guest Hollows Grammar and Language Arts course for free in exchange of my honest review. I just want to let you know that what I am about to say is mine and my children’s opinion of the curriculum so far. I have three girls who are in grades 6th,5th & 3rd. I have only used the Grammar portion so far and my girls are loving it. We love how hands on and creative the curriculum is. My daughters really enjoy making the Beowulf character that you do at first when you get started. I even created me one as well (LOL). I enjoy working with all my girls at one time and they are pretty much learning the same exact thing. For my younger daughter if it is to much I just touch on the basics with her and then what I didn’t cover with her this year I can go over that next year. But, with my older daughters I go over all of it with them. I even enjoy how I can go through all of it at once or just spread it out over the course and that is how I plan on using it with my younger daughter because she is a young 7yr. old in the 3rd grade. It has a lot of cut out and paste activities. All kids love to cut paper and paste anything at any time and that is a pro for my daughters. So, far it is going well and as soon as we start the language arts I will let you know how it is going. I can say this though that if you do decide to use the language arts it is paired with Beowulf’s Grammar. You have to use them both if you choose to do the Language Arts portion. If you don’t want to use the language arts and only the grammar can do that. I hope that made since. This is a wonderful company and they where so nice to help me out because I have no experience at all for reviewing curriculum. I just want to let everyone know that this company is awesome and the material they make is very kid friendly. God Bless this company.

  2. Your blog is a treasure trove of wisdom and positivity I appreciate how you always seem to know just what your readers need to hear

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