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Free Online Books

Guest Hollow's free online geography and cultures textbook

Guest Hollow’s free Geography & Cultures Online Textbook has embedded videos, maps, photos, and illustrations that make learning memorable, interesting, and way more fun than a regular geography book.

Free biology curriculum textbook

Guest Hollow’s Biology Textbook is completely free with embedded videos, tons of photos and illustrations, and built-in Latin & Greek root vocabulary lessons.

Guest Hollow's Whirlwind World History Curriculum Textbook

Guest Hollow’s free Whirlwind Online Textbook has embedded videos, maps, photos, and illustrations that make learning history memorable. This is NOT your average, boring history textbook!

Guest Hollow's FREE online American government textbook

Throw out that boring, dusty old government textbook! Guest Hollow’s free American Government Online Textbook has embedded videos, Greek and Latin root vocabulary words, and tons of photos, illustrations, infographics, and diagrams that make government and civics understandable!

Paperback Books

Our paperback books are sold on Amazon!

The Science of Seasons Book

Join Abigail, Henry, Grace, and their lively Fox Terrier, Beowulf, as they learn about the seasons in this lavishly illustrated, Christian-friendly science book! Kids will learn about the seasons in different parts of the world, solstices, equinoxes, and a myriad of other topics brought together in a way that draws in both strong and reluctant readers!
There are fun comics to read, celebrations in other parts of the world to learn about, and even yummy recipes to commemorate each season.

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The Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activities book is stuffed with over 125 pages of engaging things to learn and do that expand on the topics in The Science of Seasons. Kids can bring to life the lessons they are learning with character cutouts and playsets, fill out the make your own comic templates, and create a globe of the earth for fun experiments and much more! Far more than a typical activity book, The Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activities contains a highly varied assortment of cross-curricular lessons and projects, which will engage children on many different levels.

Printable Books

Free Printable Workbooks

High School Biology Workbook

Guest Hollow’s Free High School Biology Workbook was created to accompany Guest Hollow’s free High School Biology Curriculum.

It contains a variety of exercises to help students better learn and retain concepts in Guest Hollow’s Free Online Biology Textbook and has a convenient answer key in the back.