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We want to THANK YOU!!!!!!
It is with a great sense of gratitude and deep honor that GuestHollow.com announces that we have been selected for not one, not three, not five, but SIX awards by the readers of Practical Homeschooling Magazine!
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Kids who’ve disliked their other curriculum(s) love the switch to Guest Hollow!

That's the comment I'm told over and over again, and it's no wonder. Guest Hollow features curricula stuffed full of great books, activities, videos, recipes, and more, as well as educational materials and printables designed to help make teaching and learning easier, while engaging both gifted and reluctant learners. Everything is designed to get kids out of a traditional textbook and into nurturing a love of learning that will last a lifetime. We've taken our 20+ years experience homeschooling and designed curricula and materials that are flexible, informative, and fun! Take a look at our free samples on each curriculum page, and see for yourself why so many students and parents want to stick with the Guest Hollow style of learning!

Guest Hollow in 2020:

We've been able to devote ourselves full-time to Guest Hollow after graduating our last child, and our site is being converted from a hobby into a small, but thriving home business. Guest Hollow is growing at a rapid rate, as homeschoolers all over the world discover our materials and see for themselves the impact our materials have on their students. We will be expanding our offerings over the next few years, and invite you to join the Guest Hollow family of learners during this exciting time. We may not be the most fancy-looking and flashy curricula & homeschool product website out there, but our site is packed with love and a fresh way of creating materials that are different, like our math-free Chemistry in the Kitchen for high schoolers.

We LOVE our customers and offer unprecedented extras and freebies in honor of God's many blessings in our lives. You'll notice our beloved and extensive biology curriculum is FREE, and always will remain so, as a part of our ministry to the homeschool community. We also offer any of our materials for free, to those families who are suffering financial hardship. Our curriculum customers love the fact that they get a printable curriculum schedule, as well as access to an online schedule in a more visual format, with easy access to internet links and videos.

You will find all sorts of goodies in different sections of our site. This site has over 11,000 pages and files! That's a TON of pages, printables, articles and freebies to explore. Some of the things you can find are:

Guest Hollow Homeschool Curriculum

Check out our multiple curricula offerings! Students and parents love our curricula, and we are working on creating more innovative programs!

Check out our article on how to use a literature-based curriculum without breaking the bank!

Homeschool printables

Homeschool and educational printables

We have lots of printables, and will be adding many more over time. You can find tons of printables for art, handwriting, handwriting paper, notebooking pages, lapbooks, Bible printables, math, science, language arts, a FREE timeline, and more! All of the art (with the exception of some of our old freebies) has been hand-drawn and digitally painted by me (Jenn)!

Homeschool reviews and articles

We also have a variety of articles and reviews we created over the years, during our homeschooling years and beyond.

You can also visit our blog to keep abreast of new developments, see a bit of our life in the forest, take a look at archived posts of what we did in our homeschool, and get links to goodies and other stuff as we come across them.

You can also visit our store for curriculum, printables, and even a couple of books I authored and illustrated! We strive to keep our prices affordable. We were once homeschoolers ourselves, and know what it's like to be on a budget!

Join us on our Facebook page! We have links to a mutitude of Facebook groups for our various programs. You can post your questions and get feedback from other families using Guest Hollow!

Bookmark us and check back often for updates as we continue to grow!

Happy homeschooling!

With love,

Jennifer and Charles Guest of Guesthollow.com

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