Big Bad Beautiful Booklist -History Edition

Guest Hollow’s Big Bad Beautiful Booklist is a timeline based, visual book and movie list. It’s a must-have for any homeschooler or book lover!

With this timeline, you can look up a period or date in history and see great books, movies, and documentaries listed according to when they happened. 

Here’s the extra icing on top:

We’ve linked to hundreds of FREE books you can check out online and view on a computer, device, or cast to a TV. Many of these books also come with free audio (via a built-in screen reader). We look for a free (and legal) version of a book every time we list one. You have the potential to save hundreds of dollars, but that’s not all…

We’ve scoured and other resources for out-of-print and hard to find books that are FREE to read (and/or listen to), making a multitude of these difficult to track down books *instantly available. Old and wholesome favorites like the Landmark Book series are just a click away.

We plan to add more booklists in the future!