Guest Hollow’s High School American History Year 2


American history is an important subject, especially for high schoolers. We’ve designed an engaging 2-year program that schedules in some terrific resources designed to get students enthusiastic about history! Our program is also built to help students not only understand what they are learning but to also retain the material. Join the Guest Hollow family, and see why both parents and students LOVE our curricula! Please scroll down for information about the program.


This curriculum is also adaptable for middle schoolers! Instructions on how to do so are contained in the printable schedule!

Please read the information at the following link before purchasing:  Click here for more detailed information about this curriculum.

What your purchase of Guest Hollow’s High School American History Year 2 Curriculum gets you:

  • A printable schedule in Microsoft Word format that you can edit!
  • The SAME printable schedule in PDF format
    • Note: The printable schedules will be updated once a year and are only available via repurchase after your one-year access expires.
  • A 194 page printable PDF workbook / study guide with an answer key
  • A Parent’s Guide to A Voyage Long and Strange (one of the scheduled books)
  • A printable book list for planning purposes with a nifty shopping checklist

But wait, there’s more….

The following is not guaranteed and is only provided as a courtesy. It may become unavailable at any time:

When you purchase a printable curriculum schedule, you also get access to a password protected ONLINE schedule for those of you who’d like a more visual schedule with links a student or parent can click on directly from a computer or a tablet.

Free updates & additions to the online schedule may be added occasionally! You do not need to repurchase anything to access these changes, as long as the online version of the schedule is provided. That means that even if your printable schedule is out-of-date, the online schedule will always be the newest version of the curriculum.

Please click here for more detailed information about this curriculum. You will find a list of materials, questions and answers, free sample weeks and more!

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