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REVEALED: Guest Hollow’s NEXT Curriculum in Development

Homeschool Government and Economics Curriculum

POST edited to add: We’ve released Guest Hollow’s Government, Economics, and Personal Finance Curriculum! Check it out here! Ever since we released Guest Hollow’s Whirlwind World History, we have been occasionally besieged by our wonderful customers who want to know what the NEXT curriculum will be. We decided to wait and make certain that things[…]

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How to Save Money When Using a Literature-Based Curriculum

Literature-based curriculum

Using a literature-based curriculum is one of the best ways (in my opinion) to engage students. It steers clear of boring textbooks, adds variety, and builds retention. While it may be one of the best ways to engage a student’s interest, it can also really engage your pocketbook! I homeschooled my children for 20+ years,[…]