Guest Hollow’s Big Bad Beautiful Booklist -History Edition

Guest Hollow’s Big Bad Beautiful Booklist – History Edition is a timeline based, visual book and movie list. It’s a must-have for any homeschooler or book lover!

With this timeline, you can look up a period or date in history and see great books, movies, and documentaries listed according to when they happened. 

There are so many uses!

  • Studying something that happened in 1210? Browse the timeline and browse the resources!
  • Wondering what happened at the same time as the Fall of Rome or another event? Take a look!
  • Need some extras for World War II? Head over to 1939 and scroll through 1945 to get some great ideas.
  • Want to read your way through history or read some adult titles as your kids study a particular time period? Head to the timeline to see what’s listed.
  • Want to supplement your current history program or find some book substitutions? This list has you covered.
  • Does your student love books set in a certain era, and you need book suggestions? Take a look and see what’s listed.
  • Are you a Christian who would like to add in some Christian books to your history study? We’ve marked Christian books with a ♛ icon to make that task quick and easy.

Our booklist makes it easy to see the flow of history thanks to the colorful book and movie covers. Click a book or movie cover to read more about it or purchase it. You can also read some of the books for free (more on that below).

Book lovers rejoice!

See how it works in the video below or keep scrolling to read more and see an entire section for free!

What the Big Bad Beautiful Booklist – History Edition is and isn’t.

This book and movie list is NOT a curriculum. It’s intended to enhance any history curriculum or just provide a go-to resource if you are looking for a book or movie set in a specific time period.

Here’s the extra icing on top:

We’ve linked to hundreds of FREE books you can check out online and view on a computer, device, or cast to a TV. Many of these books also come with free audio (via a built-in screen reader). We look for a free (and legal) version of a book every time we list one. You have the potential to save hundreds of dollars, but that’s not all…

We’ve scoured and other resources for out-of-print and hard to find books that are FREE to read (and/or listen to), making a multitude of these difficult to track down books *instantly available. Old and wholesome favorites like the Landmark Book series are just a click away.

We’ve linked to hundreds of free out-of-print and hard to find books in the timeline!

*We can’t guarantee access to free books on the linked to websites, since we are not associated with the Open Library or any other linked to resource. Books may be checked out or unavailable for whatever reason.


This Guest Hollow item is online. There are no physical copies.

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I’d like to see a sample!

Click here to see a sample of Guest Hollow’s Big Bad Beautiful Booklist -History Edition from the 1800s.

The story behind Guest Hollow’s Big Bad Beautiful Booklist -History Edition

When I was homeschooling my kids, I got fed up with the homeschool history programs that were available at the time. I absolutely LOVE history, and I wanted to cover history chronologically and in depth. Because I couldn’t find a curriculum that met our needs, I created a timeline-based history curriculum. I linked all sorts of books, movies/videos, “spine” books (a spine book is the backbone of a study), etc. in an online timeline format. I added unlinked mapwork, recipes, activities, crafts, website links, etc. We loved it and used it for years.

I decided to take this easy-to-use and helpfully formatted history booklist and share it with the world, so others can benefit from this fantastic resource!

The new and even better version I’ve made for YOU

I’ve taken my original idea, enhanced it, and made something that I think every homeschooler studying history and every book & history lover should have access to. Our Big Bad Beautiful Booklist is also something you can browse over and over. We will be adding books and movies to it over time, so there will often be new items to discover! With tons of great book and movie ideas, history will come to life!

Squirrel asking a question

Does this booklist come with ____________?

books or movies?
No. We link to books and movies, but we don’t provide them. You can read about and purchase the books and movies through Amazon or check some books out for free via or other resources we link to.

a printable book list?
No. Our booklist is in a visual, online format. If you install the free Library Extension browser extension, you can easily see if a book is available to check out at your local library if you view the title on Amazon.

F.A.Q. for Guest Hollow’s Big Bad Beautiful Booklist -History Edition

Books are categorized into the following categories:

★ Kids: We link to books for all grades from K-12. We link to fiction and nonfiction books. You are responsible for determining if a book is appropriate for your student(s). We’ve made it easier to teach multiple ages or abilities if you are using a history curriculum since we link to books for all ages. You can browse to the time you are studying and see other potential books your students can read.

★ Homeschool: We’ve placed some books into the timeline over multiple years, such as Heroes of the Middle Ages (Yesterday’s Classics), Young Folk’s History of England, Discovering Great Artists: Hands-On Art, and others. Homeschool related books such as A History of Us, various activity books, and literature guides go in this category. This category also features information, such as various rulers/presidents, events, etc. to refer to.

★ Adults: The books in this category were written for adults. We link to fiction and nonfiction books. Some of the books in this category may be suitable for high schoolers, but you are responsible for determining if a book is appropriate for your student(s).

★ Movies: This is the category where we link to movies and documentaries for all ages. Some videos may not be appropriate for children. Use your discretion.

You get one year of access with your membership. That is only ONE dollar a month for this valuable resource! If you’ve already purchased a history curriculum from us, you can purchase the Big Bad Beautiful Booklist for $6 (with a special coupon code), which is only 50 cents a month. That’s an incredible deal!

Guest Hollow’s Big Bad Beautiful Booklist has books and movies that are secular and books and movies that are Christian. Books that we know to be Christian resources are marked with a ♛ icon. We have not read every single book, so we don’t guarantee that a book is Christian or that we’ve marked or not marked all Christian books.

We’ve read a lot of the listed books (and watched a lot of the videos), but certainly not all of them! Some of them are on our to-read list, lol. We use this list, too, even though we are no longer homeschooling! We don’t make any claims about the appropriateness or content of any book or video.

No. Not every book linked on the list is free. Many books are linked to free resources, but certainly NOT all books on the list are free! MANY more are linked to sites where you must pay for them such as Amazon.

This 🎁 icon means a book is legally available for free via or another resource (at the time it was added to the booklist). Free books must be viewed online via a computer, tablet, phone, or cast to a TV screen. You will need to sign up for a free account (for most of the linked freebies).

Many books at can also be listened to! Some classic books can be printed and bound if they are not under copyright. Check the copyright to see if this is an option. You are responsible for determining if this does or does not apply to any book.

We don’t guarantee access to free books, since they may be checked out or unavailable for whatever reason and we are not associated with the Open Library or any other linked to resource.

In order to sign up for a free account at the Open Library, just click the sign-up button in the upper right corner of the page:

Once you’ve signed up and are logged in, if you’d like to borrow a book from the Open Library, click the blue borrow button. If you’d like to have the book read to you via a screen reader, click the headphones icon to listen.

Here’s an example picture that shows you where the blue checkout button is on an Open Library page:

You can also save the book to a personal “want to read” list by clicking the green “Want to Read” button. You can create multiple “want to read” lists in your own custom categories. If there is only one copy of the book available, you may borrow it for one hour. If you continue reading past an hour, the book will be auto-renewed for another hour.

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We may also link to other free book resources. Most of them can be read online, but some out-of-copyright books can be downloaded in a PDF format and printed.

We are willing to consider additions to our booklist! Leave a comment at the bottom of the page you think the book(s) and/or movie(s) should be added to, and we’ll check it/them out! You can also send us an email! We are selective in choosing books for the list, so please don’t take offense if a book or movie isn’t added. 🙂

Yes, on a case-by-case basis depending on the amount of paperwork they require and the bureaucracy that needs to be navigated. 😉

We are happy to answer your questions!!! Just email us at:

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  1. Shawnele Surplus (verified owner)

    I cannot say enough about how fabulous this booklist is – and I especially appreciate how it hits all the levels: kids, homeschool, adults, and videos. I have not owned this long, but have used it quite a bit – it is a go-to source for me in finding books to augment what we’re already studying, but also when I need a family movie or a good audiobook for our drives.

    • Jennifer Guest

      We love your feedback/review! Thank you so much for taking the time to write up and share your thoughts about it. You totally made our day. I hope your review helps others who are debating a purchase! 🙂

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