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Geography is Yummy: Irish Blaa

Irish Blaa (white rolls) recipe

Is your student interested in cooking his/her way around the world? Guest Hollow’s High School Geography & Cultures Curriculum is chock-full of more delicious and ethnic recipes, great books, videos, art, music, activities, and more!

One of the recipes I added to the FREE Guest Hollow’s Geography & Cultures Online Textbook is Irish Blaa. I couldn’t resist how these rolls looked via the online pictures, so I had to try making them for dinner.

Irish Blaa rolls

They were so easy to make and turned out great! Look at this fluffy and delicious roll!

Irish Blaa roll

If you’d like to make Irish Blaa, visit Karen’s Kitchen Stories for the recipe. For more delicious geography related recipes, check out our High School Geography & Cultures Curriculum.

Geography is yummy!

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Happy homeschooling!

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