High School Geography Week 13

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Guest Hollow’s Geography & Cultures Online Textbook
Online text6.3 Northern Europe
Non-Fiction Books
Lonely Planet: The Travel Book
The Travel Book
Look up this week’s countries.
The Religions Book
The Religions Book
p. 28-31 Sami beliefs
People of the World
People of the World
p. 243-244 Faroesep. 241-242 Danesp. 254-255 Swedes
p. 250-252 Sami
People and Places
People & Places
p. 152-157
North - How to Live Scandinavian
How to Live Scandinavian
What is Scandinavia?
At the TableLife OutsideFamily Life
Fiction/Literature/Graphic Novels
Norse Mythology
Norse Mythology
Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapters 3-4Chapters 5-6Chapter 7
Memorizing the World’s Countries
Seterra GamesNorthern Europe: CountriesDenmark: CitiesSweden: CitiesContinue memorizing the European countries and features. Be ready to take a printable quiz on the European countries during week 15!
Map printablesEurope Countries Quiz (practice)
Visual Trick – Learn Northern Europe
Maps in the workbook Nordic countries
Iceland’s volcanic activity
Links for the workbook How to Fredagsmys – Fredagskos like a Scandi
Research SAD. Here is a great infographic: https://online.regiscollege.edu/blog/seasonal-affective-disorder/
BBC Article: The babies who nap in sub-zero temperatures
Online percent calculator
Extra Resources and Activities
ActivitiesPlan a field trip to IKEA if it’s within feasible driving distance. We drove several hours to get to one, and it was worth it!

100 Norse Mythology Writing Prompts
Swedish cinnamon buns (kanelbullar)
Visit your local deli or upscale grocery store and see if you can find some Scandinavian cheese!

Roast Beef, Smoked Salmon, & Blue Cheese Smørrebrød Recipes
Field trip idea: Visit a sauna via a local spa.

 Optional: Creative writing assignment: After reading about Nordic mythical creatures in the North book, write a story (or poem) about one.
Make a teaser letter (gækkebreve)
You may need to use the Chrome browser so it will translate the words into English. If not, look for the linked words HER in red for the paper cutting templates.
Template 1
Template 2
Template 3 (with paper folding instructions)
ArtDraw a Viking
Art: Make a dala horse felt ornament:
Buy a kit on Etsy that comes with everything you need. Click here for one (go through the search results to find one you like).
MusicFor your optional listening enjoyment:
Spotify playlist: Folk music – Scandinavian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish
Danheim – Ulfhednar (This is modern, but based on ancient viking music by a group out of Denmark.) Danheim Radio (Live Viking Music Radio – 24/7) Note: The Danheim radio may be inactive, but you can choose another from the page of search results.
Ramund (Danish folk song) on Nyckelharpa – Myrkur
Djämes Braun – Gode Tider (Spotify)
Scandinavian Folk Music – Best Scandinavian Traditional Music
Garmarna – Herr Mannelig – “Garmarna is a Swedish folk-rock band. Their songs are mainly old Scandinavian ballads.” Quote from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garmarna
Victor Leksell – Tappat
Molly Sandén – Sand
Heilung | LIFA – Krigsgaldr LIVE – “Heilung is an experimental folk band made up of members from Denmark, Norway and Germany. Their music is based on texts from artifacts of the Iron Age originated by the Northern European peoples of the Celtic and Viking Age. They describe their music as “amplified history from early medieval northern Europe”. Quote from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heilung
VideosVikings: Viking Exploration | History
 You must sign into YouTube to view this video.

What is a fjord?
Norwegians HATE Surprises, look at our grocery stores
Denmark’s Forest Kindergarten
(11 min.)
 Kulning – Ancient Swedish herding call
Norway Explained by Visiting a Typical Home
Norway and Sweden Road Trip Drone Video – Featured Creator Remo Liechti
Norway’s Lasting Oil Wealth
(12 min.)
Geopolitics of Sweden 
(16 min.)

The Norse Pantheon: Crash Course World Mythology #10

TED-Ed: How Thor got his hammer – Scott A. Mellor
Take the quiz after watching the video.
Why does Sweden celebrate Lucia

How Is Muslim Immigration to Sweden Working Out? (10 min.)
Note: This video mentions rape. Curse words are bleeped out.
View this video with your teacher or parent and discuss your thoughts afterward.
Note: The Geopolitics of Sweden video is long, but it will give you a good understanding of some of the tensions between Sweden and Russia. Understanding these sorts of issues will give you a much greater understanding of the challenge’s countries face and current events! You will understand much more than many adults in the U.S. currently do!
Full-length videosRick Steves’ Europe: 
Norway’s West: Fjords, Mountains, and Bergen
Rick Steves’ Europe: 
Note: This video is also linked in the online geography textbook.
Rick Steves’ Europe: 
Denmark Beyond Copenhagen
Erika Larsen: The Reindeer People | Nat Geo Live
(22 min.)
* Warning: Dead reindeer are shown.
The Last Generation? – Sami Reindeer Herders in Swedish Lapland, Documentary
(1 hour, 30 min.)
* Warning: There is a bad word in the translated sub-titles. Reindeer are also shown being butchered.
Geography Now! videosNorwayDenmark

PrintablesReindeer paper model
Scandinavia poster
Finland poster
WebsitesArticle: Salty licorice: The not-so-sweet sweet
Dollar Street – Take a look at families around the world. (Topics can be changed by the dropdown menus in the upper left of the website.)

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