Jr. Anatomy Week 1

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Enjoy Your CellsEnjoy Your CellsRead this week.
Kids Discover CellsKids Discover Magazine: Cellsp.2-5p.6-11p.12-15p.16-19
Horrible Science: Blood, Bones and Body Bits Blood, Bones and Body BitsRead pages 1-22:
Introduction, Bits of Body
My First Human Body BookMy First Human Body BookColor p. 1 Look What’s Inside (cells)
Brown Paper School book: Blood and GutsBlood and Gutsp.71-72
Cells, basic body bits
You always have a temperature, cell fires, climate control chart
Activity: Taking a temperature
p.74 Hot blood, special events, burn a burger

Cell Structures
Cell specialization

Cellular Respiration
Stem CellsCancer
The Magic School bus Goes Cellular
Note: This video must be purchased to view.

The Cell – an intro for kids – Sanger Academy

BrainPop: Cells

BrainPop: Cell Structures
Cell Specialization – BrainPOP
Cellular Respiration

What are stem cells? – Craig A. KohnImaginary Friend Society – What is Cancer?

Easy Make & Learn Projects: Human BodyEasy Make & Learn Projects: Human Bodyp. 11-13 Cell mobile
Color and label an animal cell – You can color and label this online and then print it out for your notebook!

Crayola cell coloring page

Main body organs – Usborne image (clip art) – This would be a good image to put at the beginning of a human body notebook or on a lapbook cover.
Interactive cell

Free animated online book: Cells Are Us – This is a great book you can use in place of Enjoy Your Cells. It was written by the same author, Frank Balkwill.

Construction of the cell membrane activity (motivated, older students)

Day 3 video:

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