Jr. Anatomy Week 1

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Enjoy Your CellsEnjoy Your CellsRead this week.
Kids Discover CellsKids Discover Magazine: Cellsp.2-5p.6-11p.12-15p.16-19
Horrible Science: Blood, Bones and Body Bits Blood, Bones and Body BitsRead pages 1-22:
Introduction, Bits of Body
My First Human Body BookMy First Human Body BookColor p. 1 Look What’s Inside (cells)
Brown Paper School book: Blood and GutsBlood and Gutsp.71-72
Cells, basic body bits
You always have a temperature, cell fires, climate control chart
Activity: Taking a temperature
p.74 Hot blood, special events, burn a burger

Cell Structures
Cell specialization

Cellular Respiration
Stem CellsCancer
The Magic School bus Goes Cellular
Note: This video must be purchased to view.

The Cell – an intro for kids – Sanger Academy

BrainPop: Cells

Cell Structure – Brain Pop
Cell Specialization – BrainPOP
Cellular Respiration

What are stem cells? – Craig A. KohnImaginary Friend Society – What is Cancer?

Easy Make & Learn Projects: Human BodyEasy Make & Learn Projects: Human Bodyp. 11-13 Cell mobile
Human Anatomy Coloring BookHuman Anatomy Coloring BookNote: This book can be used to learn and memorize various internal body parts and systems. Students who don’t enjoy coloring may want to focus on memorization, but consider either optional based on your student’s interest and ability.p. 1 Systems of the Human Body
Color and label an animal cell – You can color and label this online and then print it out for your notebook!

Crayola cell coloring page

Main body organs – Usborne image (clip art) – This would be a good image to put at the beginning of a human body notebook or on a lapbook cover.
Interactive cell

Free animated online book: Cells Are Us – This is a great book you can use in place of Enjoy Your Cells. It was written by the same author, Frank Balkwill.

Construction of the cell membrane activity (motivated, older students)

Day 3 video:

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  2. Came here to say the same; BrainPop videos say “No Longer Available”. I had the Cells & Cell Structure videos assigned for today, so instead we watched “All About Cells and Cell Structure: Parts of the Cell for Kids” video on FreeSchool/YouTube.

    1. Thank you so much!! I will fix that link asap!

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