Guest Hollow’s Jr. Geography & Cultures Week 30

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Week 30Topic: Saharan Africa
Countries in this region: Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia
ResourcesDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
Non-fiction books
Lonely Planet Kids This Is My WorldLonely Planet Kids This Is My World
p. 126 Egyptp. 160 Ethiopiap. 12 Malip. 170 Morocco
Where on Earth? Atlas: The World As You've Never Seen It BeforeWhere on Earth? Atlasp. 56-59p. 60-61p. 62-63p. 64-65p. 66-67
The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for the World’s Most Adventurous KidThe Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guidep. 12-13 Ethiopiap. 46-47 Egypt
Prisoners of Geography: Our World Explained in 12 Simple MapsPrisoners of Geographyp. 42-43 Africa: The Geographyp. 44-45 Hindered by Geographyp. 46-47 Carving up a Continentp. 48-49 Africa Today
Africa, Amazing Africa: Country by CountryAfrica, Amazing AfricaRead p. 20-35 this week.
Fiction books
A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True StoryA Long Walk to Water
Chapters 1-2Chapters 3-4Chapters 5-6Chapters 7-8Chapters 9-10
Optional: A Discussion Guide to A Long Walk to Water
Optional reference books
Wildlife of the WorldWildlife of the Worldp. 176-177 Map
Wonders of the World (DK Eyewitness)Wonders of the Worldp. 52-53 The pyramids of Giza
People and Places: A Visual EncyclopediaPeople & PlacesBrowse this week: p. 100-111
Books for younger tag-alongs
Nya’s Long Walk: A Step at a Time
Memorizing the world’s countries
Seterra gamesAfrica: Physical FeaturesAfrica North of the Equator: CountriesStart memorizing Africa’s countries.
Map printablesMap of Africa – Color in the areas of desert, savannah and tropical forest (the printable is on page 16 of the packet)
African countries quiz (practice)
Scholastic Teachables:
Physical Map (Africa)
Political Map – Africa
Maps of Africa (Labeled and Unlabeled)
Western Africa Map
A Vegetation Map: Map Skills (Africa)
VideosHow to memorize Africa fast using mnemonics – Note: The person narrating this video mispronounces some of the countries, but his mnemonics are helpful. 😉
Northern Africa
Horn of Africa
Complete Book of Maps and Geography Workbook, Global Geography for Kids Grades 3-6, United States Geography and Regions, Map Skills, Time Zones, OceansComplete Book of Maps and Geography(Fill in this section on the printable schedule.)
Extra resources and activities
ActivitiesRecipe: Cooking Class Global Feast! p. 54-55 Egypt: Happy Hummus
Recipe: Cooking Class Global Feast! p. 112 Ethiopia: Atakilt Wat
Google Earth: Explore the Sahara Desert
ArtScratch & Sketch Travel
Scratch & Sketch Travel: The Great Pyramid and the Great Sphinx
MusicFor your optional listening enjoyment:
Algeria: Targui music
Algerian Traditional Music

Traditional Music of Chad (Part 1)
NGAR – Ingamadji Mujos Némo
Egypt Nubian Music
Tunisia Folk Music
VideosTED-Ed: Mansa Musa, one of the wealthiest people who ever livedScience for kids – Tsetse Fly360° Victoria Falls – The Devil’s Pool | National GeographicEgypt for Kids – Facts from Professor PropellerKenya for Kids. Facts and fun about Kenya in Africa
PrintablesAfrica lapbook
Kenya lapbook
Kenya mini-book (Scroll down to find the download link.)
Giraffe paper model
Zebra paper model
Optional: Africa tabletop map
Around the World Paper doll – Egypt
This paper doll has early 20th century clothing.
Color the World: Egypt
Scholastic Teachables:
Science: Desert (Back-to-Back Mini-Book): Animal Habitats
WebsitesCNN: What’s the Real Size of Africa (interactive article)
Africam – View one of the live cams. If you keep it up for a while, you may see an animal walk by!
Dollar Street – Take a look at teeth around the world. (Topics can be changed by the dropdown menus in the upper left of the website.)
Your book choiceFill in this section on the printable version of the schedule.

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