Chapter 10 Exposing the Flaws in Evolution


Evolutionists point to the Grand Canyon as evidence of the past. If you were to walk down a trail to the bottom of the canyon, a person who believes in evolution would tell you that the lower rock layers are from our Earth’s distant past. He would say that the rock layers and fossils they contain show the history of the Earth over a 2-billion-year time span.

Young Earth Creationists believe differently. In this section you will read several chapters from the book Evolution Exposed that will help contrast a creationist’s beliefs vs. the Theory of Evolution.

Evolution is one of those topics you are going to hear about everywhere when it comes to science. As a creationist, it’s important to understand our position on this topic and know many of the arguments against it. When you get to college, you’ll be thankful for this strong foundation. Secular (that means non-christian/religious) classes are notorious for presenting ideas in very strong pro-evolutionary and often anti-christian way.

Reading Assignment


Read chapter 3 of Evolution Exposed:

Natural Selection vs. Evolution

Read chapter 4 of Evolution Exposed:

Unlocking the Geologic Record

Read chapter 5 of Evolution Exposed:

The Origin of Life

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