Purchase Help

Welcome to Guest Hollow’s purchase help page. Click a section in the table of contents to navigate to the help you need. Click the green button to visit our main Guest Hollow, LLC help page:

How do I make a purchase?

You do not need to create an account in advance to make a purchase.

If you don’t already have an account, don’t worry! One will be created for you automatically when you make a purchase.

If DO you already have an account, you MUST sign in to your account or the system will not create a new purchase for you because it identifies your email address as already having been used previously. So previous customers – sign in! 🙂

Step 1 – Add your item to the cart

Click on any product or item to read more about it. When you find what you’d like to purchase, click the “Add to cart” button.

Add to cart

Step 2 – Accessing your cart

Once you’ve added an item to your cart, you can access the cart by clicking on the upper middle portion of your screen. Look for the shopping basket icon. You can also click on the word “Cart” which will take you to a page showing your cart contents and giving you access to the checkout.

Your cart total (circled in yellow above) is always featured below the navigation bar. If you hover over your cart total or the cart icon, you can see all the items you have in your cart. You can also get access to a checkout button.

Checkout button

Step 3 – Making a purchase

If you have a coupon code, enter it in the coupon code box and click “Apply coupon.”

When you are ready to pay, click the “Proceed to checkout” button, or click the Amazon pay button. If you click the “Proceed to checkout” button and still wish to use Amazon Pay, you will have a 2nd chance to do so on via the checkout screen. Amazon is a super-easy way to pay. Just sign in to your Amazon account. Your account details will automatically be filled in, and all you have to do is click the place order button. Payment will be made with whatever credit or debit card you have on file at Amazon.

Cart screenshot
Click on the image to enlarge it.

Step 4 – Paying for your purchase

The checkout screen looks like this:

Click the image to enlarge it.

Fill out your information in the appropriate spaces, and enter a coupon code, if you have one and didn’t enter it on the previous screen. If you are a returning customer, you can click the returning customer link (circled in yellow).

Need help logging in? Click here.

If you are a new customer:

  • Please enter in your real name or a name you won’t forget. Your username will be generated based on the first and last name you enter in. You will need this information if you need help with your account.
  • Whatever email you enter in will be used for login purposes and will be used to contact you if necessary your purchase and password info will be sent there as well.
  • Make sure you use an email address where you normally receive mail (vs. one of your children’s emails or a spouse email, etc.). We also use this email to help you for certain tech issues or password problems. It’s our primary way of locating your order. Make sure if you have more than one email address you never forget which one you used to make your order. We recommend subsequent orders also use the same email address and account.

You can pay using Amazon Pay, Stripe, or PayPal (see the yellow arrows in the screenshot).

You will need to either login to your Amazon, Stripe, or PayPal account depending on which payment method you choose. We cannot help you with either type of payment gateway. Please email us though, if you have issues accessing the payment login screen. If you run into issues with blocked payments or other things of that nature contact PayPal or Amazon directly.

Your payment and credit card information is handled by the payment gateway you choose and is not stored on our server or website. We do not have access to your credit card or address information. We do not want nor need any of this information. Please do NOT send it to us with any correspondence or requests for assistance.

ALSO – We will NEVER ask you for your password. If technical issues arise we will have you reset your password but we do not want to know it ever. DO NOT share your password with anyone ever.

 NOTE: If for some reason you cannot or will not use PayPal, Stripe, or Amazon Payments, but still want to purchase an item, please contact us by email to arrange an alternate method of payment. We can accept an Amazon gift certificate in some situations and will send you instructions on how to get it to us.

We do not accept cash or checks. We do accept purchase orders from schools depending on the amount of paperwork required to be a vendor.

Step 5 – Using the payment gateway

If you clicked on Amazon Pay via the checkout page, a box will pop up. You will need to sign in to your Amazon account. Your name and email address will automatically be entered into the checkout fields after doing so.

If you clicked on “Proceed to PayPal”, you will be redirected to a PayPal login page, or you can click the link to pay with a debit card or credit card (without logging into PayPal). You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to make a purchase using PayPal. You will be redirected to the Guest Hollow site once you’ve authorized your payment.

After I purchased my curriculum, I noticed that it’s now discounted 50%. What’s the deal with that?

After purchasing a curriculum, you’ll see that the item you just bought shows that it is discounted 50% in our store. The reason you are seeing this is because we give you the opportunity to repurchase the schedule and your downloads at a substantial discount before they expire (2 years from date of purchase).

Please note: You do NOT need to repurchase your schedule in order to use the files you originally purchased and downloaded. You can use your downloaded schedule forever and can click on the links just as you can the online version of the schedule. You just won’t have access to any updates after your online access expires.

Why does access expire? Every year we go through all our curriculum schedules and update broken links and/or replace books that have gone out of print. This is a very time-intensive process that keeps our curricula up-to-date. Your repurchase helps fund this process and provides you with a schedule that has all the new additions or changes.

You need to repurchase your access BEFORE it expires in order to get the 50% discount due to the way our “membership” software works. If for some reason you miss the deadline, let us know why. We may give you a coupon code for the 50% off at our discretion.

*It is our intention to provide access for a period of 2 years, however, access to the online version of the curriculum schedules and additional downloads is provided as a courtesy and is not guaranteed due to potential various circumstances on our end and yours including but not limited to various computer, device, and internet configurations.

I want to renew my “membership” to my downloads and online schedules, but my 50% discount isn’t showing up.

After you’ve purchased a curriculum, you will see that the curriculum you bought is now discounted 50% in the store. This will allow you to repurchase the curriculum at a substantial discount before your access expires. It’s been brought to our attention that on some platforms and browsers, the discount doesn’t always show on the individual product prices until the item is added to the cart. If you are repurchasing a curriculum before your access runs out to extend your access and are not seeing the discount once you’ve added it to your cart, let us know! We can provide you with a purchasing coupon, so that you can still get your repurchase discount.

I’ve read through this page and still need help!

If you have any other questions after reading this help page, you can send us an email by visiting our contact page, or by filling in the form below.

We hope you have a wonderful year homeschooling with Guest Hollow. Thanks for joining our family and helping support our small, home business! We are very grateful for all of our customers!

Happy homeschooling!