Science of Seasons Week 12

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Art: How illustrations are made, using a grid method to draw, seeing negative space, making a wind chime
Bible: “Fall” on your knees and pray
Language Arts: vocabulary, copywork, writing a recipe
Science: Why leaves change color, wind, fall
Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
The Science of SeasonsThe Science of SeasonsHave your kids see if they can find the pages that match this week’s activities as they do them.
The Science of Seasons Activity BookThe Science of Seasons Learn-and-Play Activitiesp. 92 Fall coloring page

Vocabulary cards:
Sakura, Seder
p. 94-95 Write Your Own Recipe & Recipe Cards

Vocabulary cards:
p. 97 Copywork

Vocabulary: Review all cards
p. 98-101 How I Create Illustrations & Art Lesson

Vocabulary: Review all cards
p. 80 Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

Test cards – Continue working with any “problem” cards.
Explore Spring!: 25 Great Ways to Learn About SpringExplore SpringActivity: Make a Wind Chime

Supplies: fishing line, scissors, stick, small metal objects such as washers, bolts, nuts, screws, and nails, tree branch
Farmer Boy (Little House)Farmer BoyChapter 12Chapter 13-14Chapter 15Chapter 16Chapter 17
Read each book on the day it’s listed:Why Do Leaves Change Color?Why Do Leaves Change Color?
Leaf chromatography experiment
Green leaves from several trees (Trees with a dramatic color change, like maples, work best),
Beaker or drinking glass,
Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol,
Plastic wrap,
Chromatography or filter paper (you can use coffee filters),
Bible lesson: “Fall” on your knees and pray

Use the printable lesson and any linked extras like one of the crafts.
Thames & Kosmos Wind Power V4.0 STEM Experiment Kit
Thames & Kosmos Wind Power V4.0 STEM Experiment Kit – Start the projects in this kit.
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Leaves Changing Color Timelapse

Daylight Savings Video on National Geographic:

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