Guest Hollow’s Science of Seasons Curriculum Online Schedule

Guest Hollow's Science of the Seasons Curriculum

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Last schedule update: 3/7/2024. Click here to see the update history.

Week 1Bible: The seasons
Language Arts: Quotation marks, writing comics with dialogue, copywork
Science: Making a science journal, Reading through The Science of the Seasons
Week 2Art: Sun paper prints
Bible: The Day the Sun Stood Still
Greek & Latin roots: equinox, vernal, perihelion, aphelion, solstice, latitude, migrate, hibernate
Language arts: spelling “ph” words, writing a report, writing lapbook information
Science: The sun, stars, what causes day and night, tilt of the earth
Week 3Art: Making a Papier-mâché globe
Bible: The parable of the sower
Geography: continents & oceans
Math: angles, using a protractor
Science: soil temperature, germination, photosynthesis (basic), hydroponics, tilt of the earth
Week 4Week 4
Bible: Let Your Light Shine
Geography: the Arctic
Math: visualizing a million
Music (and history): Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
Science: the science behind the seasons, solstices and equinoxes, perihelion, aphelion, direct and indirect sunlight, earth’s orbit, capillary action in plants, differing amounts of light in the arctic
Week 5Bible: Positive and negative attitudes
Language arts: reading skills
Math: temperature, finding an average, graphs, negative numbers, recording time
Science: seasonal temperatures, broadleaf vs. conifers, tree sap, buds
Week 6Art: northern lights project
Bible: The Bible is our compass
Geography: Australia, labeling a map
Science: northern lights, earth’s poles, making a compass, tree bark, the age of a tree, states of matter
Week 7Art: making paper
Bible: Rain go away (story & lesson)
Language arts: copywork
Science: condensation (rain in a jar experiment), observing birds, spring
Week 8Bible: New life in Christ (like the butterfly)
Language arts: verbs and adjectives, copywork
Science: migrating animals, butterflies and caterpillars
Week 9Art: make a pop-up card
Bible: Satan is our enemy
Geography & Culture: Japan and Japanese writing systems, traditions, etc.
Science: baby animals, camouflage, animal homes, predators, colors are warnings
Week 10Bible: Elijah’s prayer for rain
Language arts: vocabulary, copywork
Science: growth in animal & human babies, spring weather, make a cloud experiment, summer solstice, weather, types of clouds, floods
Week 11Bible: Jesus calmed the storm
Geography:  latitude and longitude, GPS
Language arts: vocabulary, adjectives
Science: stormy weather, fall
Week 12Art: How illustrations are made, using a grid method to draw, seeing negative space, making a wind chime
Bible: “Fall” on your knees and pray
Language Arts: vocabulary, copywork, writing a recipe
Science: Why leaves change color, wind, fall
Week 13Art: paper cutting
Bible: Whiter Than Snow
Language arts: copywork, vocabulary, winter poetry
Science: winter, snow
Week 14Bible: A volcanic creation
Language arts: poetry, famous writers, writing holiday memories, writing a recipe
Science: volcanoes


3/7/2024: Week 4 – The Vivaldi teacher’s packet link has a 2nd option.

12/2/2023: Our big yearly link check was completed for this schedule. The following changes were made:
Week 5: The conifer confusion worksheet link was updated.
Week 11: The first printable for Battleship was updated.

10/26/2023: Week 1: The Bill Nye Seasons video link was updated.

1/4/2023: Big yearly link check (a huge thank you to Calina J. for checking links!):
Week 4: The equinox worksheet link was updated.
Week 6: The make your own compass link was updated.

2/11/2022: Our big yearly link check was completed for this schedule.

The following schedule changes were made:

  • Week 1: A note was added for the Make Your Own Comic link. The Prismacolor link was changed.
  • Week 2: The Sun, Moon, and Stars lapbook has been changed to the Space lapbook. The NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory link was updated.
  • Week 4: The Equinox worksheet link was updated. The Vivaldi Teacher’s Resource Kit link was updated.
  • Week 5: A note was added about the resource.
  • Week 7: The book A New Beginning was removed from the schedule, as it’s no longer available.
  • Week 12: The Thames and Kosmos Wind kit has been updated to the new kit.
  • Week 14: The Volcanoes video was replaced with a National Geographic for Kids volcanoes playlist.

A huge thanks to our volunteer link checker! We appreciate her so much!


Week 3: Continents and Oceans worksheet replaced a link that wasn’t working on day 5.


2/5/2021 – Big yearly link check:

  • Broken links were fixed
  • Information at the beginning of the printable schedule was updated to reflect the changes on our new website

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