Beowulf’s Big Book of Early American History

Beowulf's Big Book of Early American History

Learn about early American history in this fantastic and lavishly illustrated book full of true stories. There are tons of full-color photos, illustrations, cartoons, maps, and even some recipes, music, and poetry that help make history come to life! Greek and Latin roots help explain vocabulary in the text right as you read.

Beowulf makes history understandable, memorable, and fun!

Beowulf’s Big Book of Early American History is appropriate for 3rd grade (if used as a read-aloud) and up. It can even be used for high schoolers or read by adults who want to brush up on American history.

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NOTE: Do not purchase this book if you have purchased or are planning on purchasing Guest Hollow’s Jr. Early American History Curriculum. This book is included with the purchase of Guest Hollow’s Jr. Early American History Curriculum.

When it came time to choose a spine book for our Jr. Early American History Curriculum, we couldn’t find anything we liked, so we created our own textbook! Beowulf’s Big Book of Early American History is the book we wish we had when we were homeschooling our kids! It presents factual history in a format that makes learning enjoyable, understandable, and easy to retain!

Even though Beowulf’s Big Book of Early American History was created for our Jr. history curriculum, it can be used with any other history curriculum or read as a stand-alone book. It can also be used with our high school level early American history curriculum!

It’s such a beautiful and informative book! We think you and your students will love it!

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Take a look at some of the pages from Beowulf’s Big Book of Early American History:

Maps help your students visualize places mentioned in the text!

Notice how we’ve applied “sticky notes” to show you what week and day you are on if you are using the book with our early American history curriculum schedule(s).

We’ve included photographs of real artifacts and documents throughout the book!

In our opinion, Beowulf’s Big Book of Early American History is a one of the best history books available for homeschoolers. Get it for FREE with your purchase of our Jr. Early American History Curriculum or purchase it to read it as a stand-alone history book!

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If you’d like to save on printing costs, the PDF file can be viewed on a tablet, computer, laptop, or cast to a TV.

We are Christians, but Beowulf’s Big Book of Early American History is not intended to be a “Christian resource”. However, there may be references within this book that mention Christian ideas, values, or sectarian topics. For example: Puritans and other religious groups are mentioned and/or discussed, etc. Christians and non-Christians should preview the book to make sure it’s compatible with your beliefs, philosophies, and values.

We believe it will be a welcome resource no matter what your beliefs are!

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