Country Lapbook


This 19-page lapbook is perfect for a geography study. It contains the following:

  • A country facts book with pages to fill in about animals, pets, crops & plants, median income, jobs and responsibilities of women and men (as well as girls and boys), time zones, and famous landmarks – It also comes with blank wide rule and Handwriting without Tears style lined pages for dictation, copywork, reports, or other writing assignments
  • A highest point flap book that shows a colorful graph comparing mountains in various countries
  • A triangle shaped people statistics flap book to fill in facts like: population, life expectancy, average number of children, and median age
  • An accordion fold booklet for natural resources (things that grow, animals used as food, minerals)
  • A postcard template to fill out with a corresponding pocket
  • An accordion fold timeline to note important events in a country’s history
  • A shutter book menu with an optional insert
  • A flag matchbook
  • A flap booklet of spring, summer, fall, and winter thermometers to fill out with seasonal temperatures. Information can be written on the back of the flaps as well.
  • A hands in prayer shape book to write about or list main country religions.
  • Cut out people shapes to draw traditional clothing (or glue scraps of fabric to) – These come with a cut-out pocket.
  • A blank flap book with suggestions to record various country facts

The pages have simple instructions to follow with easy folds. You can place the items in a lapbook or notebook.

Happy homeschooling!