Printable Timeline / Book of Centuries


This printable features a 100-page timeline that is customizable! It’s like having your own timeline generator! Scroll down for details and pictures.


Note: If you’ve purchased Guest Hollow’s Whirlwind History, do not purchase this timeline. It’s included in your purchase. 🙂

This printable features a 100-page timeline that goes from 4100 BCE to 2040 CE. You also get the same timeline in B.C. and A.D. format. You can print out the entire thing or sections of the timeline that are needed for a specific study.

In addition, there is a blank timeline template with interactive PDF fields, so you can type up and create a timeline. It’s like having your own timeline generator!

There is also a second blank timeline template that features the following achievement categories:

★ History & Politics

★ Literature & Theater

★ Religion & Philosophy

★ Visual Arts & Music

★ Science & Technology

★ Daily Life

This second template also has interactive PDF fields, so students have the option to type in information. You can print out enough pages for an entire timeline, or you can insert these pages into the main timeline as desired, to focus on specific time periods in more detail. Making a timeline is easy!

The last item in the pack is a timeline figure template. You can paste in pictures from the internet and type in information via a PDF app or print the non-editable version of this page out and draw/write information instead. The squares keep everything tidy.

All the timeline pages and timeline templates are designed to be hole-punched or bound, if desired. The margins allow for a multitude of binding options.

If you are looking for a printable timeline or Book of Centuries, this printable is versatile, customizable, and ready-to-go for all your timeline needs!


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