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Guest Hollow’s Biology Curriculum is a FREE Christian homeschool biology curriculum that incorporates a free high-quality textbook, videos, tons of labs to choose from with a multitude of budget and interest options, living books, a free workbook & answer key, incorporated Greek & Latin roots vocabulary, an independent study schedule, and more!

Kids who’ve disliked their other science curriculum(s) love the switch to Guest Hollow!

*Secular families can use our schedule with the original CK-12 biology book. Click here for more info.

Some of the things you’ll find in our biology curriculum:

  • A “pretty” and visual, high-quality virtual textbook that
    • is from a creationist standpoint
    • is FREE – That’s right! No need to shell out $85 or more for a biology textbook!
  • A variety of lab options without ONE focus (some biology programs are all about dissections and little else, etc.)
  • Labs you can easily do at home with a minimum of investment that are still rich and worthwhile
  • Something that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg
  • Plenty of “living books” to supplement topics and bring concepts to life in ways a textbook can’t
  • Activities, games & extras to make biology fun and easier to learn & retain
  • Something laid out via a weekly format with a schedule you and your student can follow
  • Videos to help illustrate concepts
  • A curriculum that is appealing in multiple ways and engages interest
  • Printables to help gauge your student’s learning and help develop study skills
  • Cross-curricular assignments, so biology isn’t studied as an isolated subject

We’ve taken the well-known and rigorous CK-12 biology textbook and edited it  (thanks to a Creative Commons license) to fit a Christian creationist perspective. Edits are as follows:

  • References to evolution taken out
  • New videos added (you can watch them right from the online text!)
  • Christian material added
  • Definitions placed with vocabulary words in the beginning of each chapter
  • New pictures added
  • Custom illustrations created to better communicate concepts
  • Additional concepts and material added
  • Some humor was added and/or sections rewritten to be more clear/understandable
  • Latin and Greek root word “alerts” were created and inserted in the text – a fun way to learn vocabulary using science!
  • Human anatomy portion taken out – as we don’t believe several weeks study is adequate for a rich understanding of the human body. Click here for our year-long anatomy curriculum, instead.

Besides editing the textbook, we’ve researched labs and activities from a variety of sources for a variety of budgets, created a comprehensive year-long daily/weekly schedule, put together workbook pages to help students better learn and retain the textbook material, researched and added in some terrific links, videos and other resources and added a list of supplementary reading to expand on the textbook concepts via “living books“.

There aren’t many options for a solid Christian high school biology curriculum that is low cost and has lots of options, extras and engaging material to help expand concepts. That’s why we’ve created Guest Hollow’s High School Biology! We love science and want to give homeschooling families more options that are a bit different from the “norm”. Students and families love our curriculums! Try us, and you’ll see why!

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Guest Hollow’s Biology Curriculum!

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Guest Hollow’s Homeschool Biology Curriculum.


Guest Hollow’s High School Biology Textbook, Supplemental Reading & Videos

Get access to the free online textbook (or printable PDF) and find out which books and videos (and other resources) I’ve chosen to supplement this year’s studies, including a Bible study covering creationist views with FREE high-quality books you can access online (or purchase if you want them in hand). Find out where you can download additional free materials to help you teach your students.



Daily / Weekly Schedule

View online a daily/weekly schedule of assignments, labs, & extra activities. The online schedule is linked to chapters of the book online so each textbook chapter is just a click away! The schedule also contains links to all sorts of extra goodies like printables, games, activities and more to help your learning come to life.

Buy a printable schedule!
Want a PRINTABLE schedule instead of viewing it online?
Click here to buy one at my store!

Click here for information on HOW TO ASSIGN GRADES.

Homeschool Biology Labs


Lab Planner

Use this lab planner to get a quick overview of every scheduled lab so you can pick-and-choose the ones you want to do or skip. I’ve scheduled in a multitude of labs for every budget and interest level. You can use the free lab guide, or… choose from a variety of other interesting experiments and even access free online labs & videos. If you are on a strict budget, don’t panic. There are plenty of labs that can be done for free or low cost!



Workbook and Answer Key

Download a free workbook with many different activities to help your students better retain and learn concepts. Workbook pages are also directly linked via the daily / weekly schedule.

Hint: You can print in gray scale to save ink.





Lab & Biology Activity Write-Up Sheets

Your student can use these printable pages to record lab procedures and outcomes. I also have a variety of other printables like microscope observation pages to draw on, etc. After filling them out, place the finished sheets in your science notebook.



Book Report Instructions and Grading Rubric

Use this page to help guide you, if you’d like to assign a book report as an extra assignment.

Wisconsin Fast Plants schedule


Wisconsin Fast Plants Scheduler

Download this document to help you plan an optional 45-day genetic experiment.

*Note: If you plan to use our botany program, you can choose to do this experiment for either biology OR botany. It’s up to you!



Please support Guest Hollow!

Guest Hollow’s Biology Curriculum is an excellent resource that we believe is simply more captivating, interesting, and affordable than most homeschool biology curriculums. Please help support our efforts by clicking on our tip jar and spreading the word about our website. Our small home business cannot survive without your patronage and donations!Happy homeschooling!


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25 thoughts on “Guest Hollow’s Biology Curriculum

  1. Just started last week. Chapter 1 was great but the video links are taking me to websites that require a paid subscription to watch. Was this the original plan when you created the curriculum or do I need a special code to be able to watch these videos? I certainly can’t afford the $200 Brain Pop subscription. Might there be free YouTube videos that can take the place of these paid videos?
    Thanks for your help! 🙂
    Lisa Langley

  2. Hi!

    Where are the instructions for the labs – like how to do them? We haven’t started yet, I think we will start with your curriculum this week. 🙂


    • All of the info for the year’s choice of labs are on this page (what I call the “Lab Planner”:

      If you want to use the Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments, there is a link to the FREE PDF for it on the above linked page. There is also a link to the kit you can purchase to use with it.

      I did NOT use that book though, when I did the program with my son. Instead we did some of the other labs listed on the above linked page. It was less expensive and easier for us. You can pick-and-choose based on your budget and interest level.

      As to where to get the instructions and supplies…Each lab will come with its own instructions. For example…one of the optional labs is “Is Yeast Alive?” I have linked to a web page for the lab. The lab PDF comes with its own instructions: (You have to scroll down to find the teacher instructions and the student handout.) If you look at the lab planner, you can see the necessary supplies listed next to the experiment…see the screenshot included with this post. Most supplies will be things you may already have in your home or that you can buy at the local WalMart (etc.) Special supplies are linked in the lab planner to the online stores you can buy them from (like Home Science Tools).

      Each lab in the lab planner shows you the supplies necessary to complete it (always to the direct right of the lab in the table cells). Click on the links and you’ll get all the info you need on how to do each lab.

      Some of the labs are “online” or video labs, so there are no supplies listed next to them. Some of them are kits you can purchase that come with all the necessary supplies (and instructions). For example…In week 27 there is a dissection kit listed. It comes with everything you need, including the dissection instructions.

      I hope I’m being clear!! If not, let me know! 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions, too!

  3. Hello love love love what you have done thank you. However there are no test or quizzes, for high school purposes did you quiz and test your son on his science, if so how and where can we find access to those things?

    • You can access the original CK-12 tests and quizzes by going here:

      The tests won’t track perfectly with the adapted textbook here on my site and will contain evolutionary material, etc. but it should at least give you a base to work from if you want tests.

      My personal teaching philosophy is “anti-testing,” so I don’t usually offer tests and quizzes for my curriculum. That’s a long post’s worth of information as to why…so I won’t type it up here, lol…but I know lots of parents want and like them. 🙂 Hopefully, the link I shared will be helpful to you!

      Also, another option is to use some of the free workbook pages I share for this curriculum as a means of testing. It’s totally up to you! Please let me know if you have any other questions!

    • It’s most appropriate for 9-12th, although a motivated middle schooler could possibly use it with parental guidance/assistance. 🙂 Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  4. In your experience – would you recommend BrainPop? I know you used it as a free resource when completing this curriculum with your son, was just wondering if you think its very beneficial after you were finished with your free subscription. Thanks for any input you could offer.

    • My son loved BrainPop and used it frequently as a supplement for many different subjects. He also liked the BrainPop games. I was able to get it for free, but even if I hadn’t, I would have considered budgeting it in. We used it frequently enough to justify that. It may not be a fit for every student, so I’d recommend if you are curious about it that you look into the free trial. That should give your student time to play with it a bit, and you can see if it’s something worthwhile in your situation or not. Also, if you are interested in a subscription, you should take a look at the Homeschool Buyers Co-op for a reduced price:
      Let me know if you have any other questions! 🙂

  5. Hi there! We are thinking about using this curriculum for a homeschool Highschool Co Op class. Would it be a good option for that situation?

  6. Do you have a book list for any of your high school science programs? I am not looking for a full curriculum, but am looking for living books on just a few topics (specifically marine biology and soil biology) in order to fill a provincial requirement after all needed credits have been earned, and someone suggested I look here.

    • You can see all of the required books and resources for each curriculum. Just go to this page:
      Choose which high school program you are interested in and then, once you are on the specific curriculum’s home page, click on the books and resources link. You’ll be able to see the booklists for each that way. 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions.

  7. In section 1.2 I do not see a link to the video about the complexity of a single cell or the video about cleaner fish and cleaner shrimp.

    Is there another way to view those videos or find a similar video?

    Thank you.

  8. there are no printable worksheets for chapter 18.2 and up… this just me? They aren’t showing up anywhere…help!

    • No, it’s not just you. 🙂 I posted this on the main worksheet page right after the chapter 18.1 worksheet packet:
      “The rest of the workbook pages may be created at a later date. These pages are lower in my queue than other materials I am working on, since this biology curriculum is accessible for free online and was originally created for my son and not my business. I need to make earning an income via this website my priority at this time. Thanks for understanding! You can use the original CK-12 workbook pages and access the answers via the resources tab on this page:”

  9. Does this cover CA common core standards? I would love to use a Christan curriculum but due to my son’s school they only allow secular curriculum.

    • I’m not familiar with CA standards, so I’m sorry, but I can’t help you with your question. The biology program is Christian, but you can use the original CK-12 Biology book online instead (it’s secular). Some families use the original, secular CK-12 book along with the Guest Hollow schedule. 🙂

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