Actions and Reactions Week 1

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Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics
Lesson 1: Chemistry and Physics Matter
Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physicsp. 15-17
• Intro
• In the Beginning
• Forming the World
• Everything Matters
p. 18-20
•Matter Matters
•Turn Up the Volume
•Mass Matters
p. 20-21
•Density Matters
Activitiesp. 17 Try This: I Spyp. 19 Try This: measuring volume
Narrate what matter, volume, and mass are.
p. 20 Try This: eggs p. 22 Try This: food coloring & saltp. 23 Try This: sink or float
Science Reading
Archimedes and the Door of ScienceArchimedes and the Door of ScienceChapters 1-2
Put a picture of the book cover in your timeline, if you have one.
287 BC-212 BC
Chapters 3-4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7
This book should be done as a read aloud for grades 3 and up. Younger children may not understand some of it. Advanced children can read it themselves.

Put a picture of the book cover in your timeline. Write underneath it: Archimedes 287 BC- 212 BC.

Look up Syracuse, Italy, where Archimedes was born, on Google Maps. Make sure to turn on satellite view (lower left corner box). Zoom out. What else is nearby? Zoom all the way out until you can see what part of Italy Syracuse is in.

Splat!: Wile E. Coyote Experiments with States of Matter Splat!Read today.
The Solid Truth About States of Matter With Max Axiom, Super Scientist
The Solid Truth about States of Matter
For older kids. Read this week.
What Floats in a Moat?What Floats in a Moat?Read today.

Click here for a YouTube reading of this book. (Search the YouTube results.)
Notebooking and Printables
An assortment of Archimedes notebooking pages

Archimedes cursive copywork
Crafts and Activities
Highlights Magazine: alternate egg experiment
VideosThe story of Cao Chong and how he found out an elephants weight using the principle of buoyancy.The Spangler Effect: Density Science – 9 layer density towerAbsolute Genius: Archimedes (National Geographic Kids)Magic School Bus Ups and Downs (Search the YouTube results.)

Float or sink soda experiment

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